Apple Kawasaki opens, family is one of the biggest in the year

On December 14th, a new Apple store “Apple Kawasaki” opens in Lazona Kawasaki Plaza, a shopping mall directly connected to JR Kawasaki Station. As soon as the store opened, 1,600 people waited in line to celebrate the opening of the new Apple Store. In an open shop with a sense of unity with the Rufa Square that spreads in front of the shop, a Today at Apple session that can be enjoyed by families is quickly opened, and one of the “people gathering places” that Apple aims for has been completed. It was.

  • Apple Kawasaki has finally opened. According to Apple's strategy to visit families, many families with children were seen.

The number of people lined up at the time of opening at 10 am is over 1600. It has overtaken Apple Marunouchi and Apple Fukuoka. There may be many people who came to the store with families because it is located near Bedtown rather than the city center.

  • A queue waiting for opening in the Rufa Square that spreads in front of Apple Kawasaki [right back]

  • The procession was not limited to the site of Lazona Kawasaki Plaza, but extended far along the JR track.

  • After a countdown just before opening, it opened at 10:00 as scheduled

  • People from the top group exploding joy and running into the store. Visitors' enthusiasm was not comparable to that at the opening of Apple Marunouchi

As soon as the forum opened, Today's Apple's “Let's take photos with iPhone” session was held at the forum in the middle of the store, and it was a great success as many people participated by standing. As with other Apple stores, all sessions are free. In December immediately after opening, we are expanding the programming-related sessions where you can learn coding, so please check from the Apple Kawasaki website.

  • Today at Apple's session, which was held before the heat of the store opened, was overcrowded

  • AirPods Pro, which is still waiting for arrival, had inventory available for purchase without reservation

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