Apple launching a bargaining attack, Ive disappeared from the executive page–Apple News

“November 25 to December 1 Apple's CNET Japan news related to this week”

Jonathan Ive, chief design officer, who was revealed to retire from Apple in June. Introducing Apple officersLeadershipFor investorsIntroduction pageI found out that his photo and name were gone.

Jonathan Ive set up a design farm called “Love From” with Mark Newson, a well-known industrial designer and former friend of Apple who participated in Apple in the Apple Watch project, and Apple becomes the first customer The future image was shown. That's why Apple continues to benefit from Ive's leadership in design, says Tim Cook.

Mr. Ive has led Apple's industrial design team since 1996 and has already acquired more than 5,000 patents. The team he leads is described as the best studio in the past 50 years. The person from England received the title of Knight from the British Royal Family.

Mr. Ive who leaves Apple has been designing things that people have in the past, Mr. Ive is said to have been involved in Apple Park architecture and Apple Store redesign from around 2013, space and people are active It gives a glimpse of interest in the design of the place.

On the other hand, it is known that the opinions of the industrial design team are very strong within Apple, and there is a possibility that the balance will change.

Johnny Ive retires– disappears from Apple's board of directors [11/29]

Continued to open Apple Store

】 Apple will open a new store in Kawasaki on December 14, following the relocation of the Fukuoka store in Marunouchi in 2019. It is the first store opening in a mall in Japan, and it will be noted whether it will become a new store opening pattern in the future.

】 Apple unveiled SIM-free iPhones at Apple Premium Resellers other than directly managed stores, and sales are doing well. In sales via mobile carriers, discounts are limited by the revision of the Telecommunications Business Law of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, so the intention to expand its own sales network is transparent. In particular, the Apple Premium Resellers shop that can handle the combination of cheap SIM + latest iPhone, which has been difficult to buy, is likely to be an important step in meeting the needs that have not been picked up.

The Apple Store will continue to function as an educational venue for sales and repairs, product usage, and more. The number of Apple Stores in Japan, which is extremely small compared to the US, can be expected to increase in the future.

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