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“Apple Museum” in Prague was a sacred place with a lot of love, BGM in the exhibition was also presented by Jobs and also exhibited Al (Hanamori Lido)-Engadget Japanese version

Prague. The capital of the Czech Republic, it is a beautiful city with buildings from the Holy Roman Empire. At the heart of the city, a treasure trove full of delicious beer and World Heritage, is the Apple Museum, a private gadget-like treasure chest. As the name suggests, a museum full of Apple products. I accidentally found it on Google Maps, so I decided to stop by during my trip to Prague. Although it is an unofficial facility of Apple, it is a facility where past Apple products were beautifully decorated.

Engadget▲ It's a small museum, but it's worth watching. You are free to shoot.


▲ Some Macintosh SEs can be touched and moved. The mouse is cute.

It was Apple's footprint plus a museum that made it clear that "Steve Jobs made it too much."

In the hallBGMIs a speech by Jobs

The "Apple Museum" is located in the old town of Prague, which is full of tourists all day.


The landmark is a colorful apple. This facility is not officially recognized by Apple. Without holiday, business hours are from 10:00 to 22:00. Entrance fee is 290 kr [Adult 1], 220 kr [1,000 yen] for students and 135 [kr 630] for children. There was also a family discount [about 2800 yen for 2 adults and 2 children]. [* As of February 2020]

Inside, you'll find everything from Apple's founding products to "a calculator that once saved Apple's pinch." When I was there, I had a presentation by Steve Jobs when the iPhone was announced. Here are just a few of the exhibits.

Engadget▲ Apple I

▲ Apple Ⅱ

Engadget▲ The back side is also clearly visible.

Engadget▲ Apple Ⅲ

Engadget▲ There was also a person who knew at that time, "Macs when they were astray."


Engadget▲ There are lots of things you don't know and things you don't know. If you connect to the network in the museum, you can read English explanations on the browser.

▲ The iPod with Jobs signature [2001] was proudly spinning around.

Engadget▲ I am taking care of the iPhone series.

▲ Some prototypes were not released in Japan.

Engadget▲ It's still shiny for almost 40 years now. All products are carefully decorated. There were also many peripherals.

Apple Museum was a Steve Museum

It's not just Apple products on display. There are a lot of items that have an edge with Apple. I collected them well.

Engadget▲ Calculator that saved Apple's financial difficulties.

Engadget▲ Pixar stock certificate. I focus very much on Jobs as well as Apple. Or rather, it's full of Jobs from the moment you enter, so this is probably the Jobs Museum.

▲ Time magazines that Jobs displayed on the cover.

Engadget▲ There was also a graduate of Jobs. Who provided it?

▲ I was there. It is natural but young.

▲ This Jobs favorite corner is decorated with St. Croix's knit, Levi's 501 and New Balance, which were the classic looks of Jobs. I feel love gently where the iPad is attached.

▲ Watches too.

▲ The BMW Bike R60 / 2, which is Jobs's favorite car, is also on display. Some say, "Jobs did not drink alcohol."

▲ There is also a graduate of Wozniak! But after all, the Lord here loves Jobs transcendently, all information is Jobs-oriented.

Engadget▲ Also somewhere where the exhibit is blank, whether it is under maintenance or an album.

The cafe is also vegan according to Jobs

After watching the exhibits, take a break at the cafe. There was a cafeteria where you could enjoy vegan drinks because "Jobs were vegan". Its name is "StevensFood". This can be entered without an admission ticket. Original goods are on sale at the order counter.

Engadget▲ I received a green smoothie. I tend to run out of vegetables when traveling.

All of the Apple products on display at the museum have stopped running in 2012. I drank a smoothie while rumbling at the meaning and the value of this museum in a beautiful historic city and bought pin badges for souvenirs.

Engadget▲ This is a museum where Apple fans can enjoy 200%. Since the site had a message saying "We are looking for treasures related to Apple!", It seems that we are accepting donations.

At the time of ticket purchase, when asked, "Can I use Apple Pay?", The woman at the reception answered strongly, "Of course!" Every corner is filled with love and respect for Apple and Steve Jobs. Please visit with your iPhone when sightseeing in Prague.


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