Apple, patent application to extend the wall display-let's project if the screen is narrow

広 い Whether you work or play, the wider the PC screen, the easier it is to use. In office work, many people will use a multi-monitor environment that connects multiple displays to a single PC. For mobile work,Dedicated mobile monitorOr useDivert tablet to extended displayThere are also ways to do that.

に 対 し In response, Apple has devised a technology that projects images from the back of the display and uses the wall behind as an extended display. After filing this technology with the United States Patent and Trademark Office [USPTO],HOUSING STRUCTURES AND INPUT-OUTPUT DEVICES FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICES[Published patent number "US 2020/0081492 A1"]. The filing date is April 12, 2019.

Published Apple patents [Source: USPTO]

Published Apple patents [Source: USPTO]

特許 This patent is intended for devices such as PC displays that are used on a desk. However, the content of the claim [claim] is finely divided, and the most important technology described in the first claim is to attach an external device with a magnet on the back of the display, and to connect the circuit inside the display and the external device. It simply states that the circuit is connected wirelessly.

ク レ ー The following claims also add explanations such as incorporating glass on the back of the display or using coils for wireless connection between the display and external devices. Then, in the seventh claim, the idea of ​​projecting images on the wall behind the display with the projector in the left and right directions appears.

Project images on walls and use them as displays [Source: USPTO]

Project images on walls and use them as displays [Source: USPTO]

表示 The display on the display body and the display on the virtual extended display projected on the wall are continuous, and the screen can be expanded only when necessary. The patent is likely to apply whether the projector is built inside the display or placed on the left and right outside the display.

Display and wall virtual display are continuous [Source: USPTO]

Display and wall virtual display are continuous [Source: USPTO]

特許 A patent is a public document intended to protect the rights of technical ideas. Even if it is registered and established, it is not necessarily used for actual products and services. Further, there are many applications that are filed for the purpose of making the existence of an idea known to the public, and are not published without registration.

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