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Apple provides free genetic testing services to employees. From "treatment" to "prevention"-Engadget Japan

To provide primary care to employees and their dependents in 2018, the companyAC WellnessWas established. The location is just a few blocks from the Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California.

According to an anonymous source from CNBC, AC Wellness has been working with Color Genomics for several months. Color Genomics is an artificial medical technology company that enables the provision of advanced healthcare through clinical genetics,Mutation testing for cancer and cardiovascular genesIt is known by

One of the aims of introducing genetic testing is to help employees find health problems that may turn into risks at a later date and take precautions to reduce the chance of getting sick. CNBC describes “reactive (treatment after symptoms appear) to proactive (preventive measures before symptoms appear)”. This service also helps Apple attract talented employees and prevent them from leaving the company.

In addition, health professionals speculate that Apple will also be able to secretly test new products and ideas (healthcare) without leaking outside.

Privacy is a concern, even for employees and families only. In that regard, Apple has set up another subsidiary and is responsible for the operation of ordering and managing clinical software. As a result, it is reported that it is complying with regulations that prevent employers from directly accessing employees' most sensitive health information.

Apple towards healthcare product developmentIt was reported that he employs more than 50 doctors and is working on serious medical problems.You may. The ECG (electrocardiogram) function built into Apple Watch Series 4 and later has saved many lives, but Apple executives"It's just the beginning"Said.

In the not-so-distant future, the new Apple Watch and Apple products you haven't seen may help prevent serious illnesses.

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