Apple publishes a CM that collects MacBooks that appeared in popular anime "Beyond the Mac — a story that is not yet in this world"


Apple publishes a CM that collects MacBooks that appeared in popular anime "Beyond the Mac — a story that is not yet in this world"

Apple has released a commercial movie that collects and summarizes "MacBook or MacBook-like things" that appeared in popular animation works. The music is by Yoshiho NakamuraIam hero"is.

Beyond the Mac — a story not yet in this world-YouTube

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Mamoru Hosoda's movie released in 2018 “Mirai of the future"Dad" (the hero, Kun-chan's father) used the MacBook without a doubt.

The movie released in 2017 “Lou's song telling the dawnThe main character Kai uses a MacBook with a heart symbol instead of Apple's apple logo.

“ Broadcast in 2015After all my youth romantic comedy is wrong. ContinuedOf course, Tamano-kun, who has a characteristic tone of a highly conscious system, uses the MacBook.

2018 broadcast “Yamanosusume third season", The main character, Aoi, uses the MacBook for research.

As a Japanese movie,What is your name?For the first time in three yearsOver 10 billion yen in box office revenueThe latest work released by Makoto Shinkai released in 2019 “Child of the weather", Keisuke Suga, who plays Shun Oguri, used a MacBook to create articles for magazine contributions.

A movie by Keiichi Hara released in 2019 “Birthday wonderland", The main character Akane Uesugi uses a MacBook.

Dad immersed in work as if staring at a MacBook.

Published in 2018SSSS.GRIDMAN”Uses a MacBook-like one with a slightly different logo.

2017 broadcast “NEW GAME !!", The Apple logo on the top of the MacBook is gnawed from the left and right …

2015 broadcastOsomatsu-san", The Apple logo is pear …

Or a heart.

In "NEW GAME !!", Nenecchi and Nene Sakura challenge game development on MacBook.

A MacBook also appeared in the 2016 release of Makoto Shinkai, "Your Name is."

It seems that MacBook is appearing continuously in Makoto Shinkai's work.

Anime"Sgt. Frog"Keroro Platoon's chief of operations communications, Sergeant Kururu, demonstrated his hacking ability using a MacBook-like thing.

In the "Child of the Weather", you can see the "MacBook" logo at the bottom of the display.

2014 broadcastTerror in reverberation"…

2015 broadcastEverything becomes F THE PERFECT INSIDERNoitaminaMacBook has also appeared in anime broadcast on the frame.

"A story not yet in this world"

"Beyond the Mac"

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