Apple Safari adds a feature to block user tracking by default

With the release of Safari 13.1 on March 24, the privacy feature "Intelligent Tracking Prevention" [ITP] has been updated, and Safari now blocks all third-party cookies by default. Was.


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This prevents online advertising and analytics companies from using browser cookie files to track users across sites.

However, Apple states that the company has already blocked most third-party cookies used to track users, so there is not much change in practice.

“ This may seem a bigger change than it really is, but ITP has had so many restrictions since its first release in 2017, '' said Apple software engineer John Wilander. Already, most third-party cookies were blocked. "

Second browser to block all third party cookies

Safari has become the second browser to block all third-party cookies by default for all users [the first was "Tor"].

However, Google first pushed browser makers to block third-party cookies,Blog posts posted in May 2019That was it.

In this article, Google announced plans to block third-party cookies by default in Chrome and the open source project Chromium. Chromiumu is also the basis for several other browsers.

In early February 2020, the company launched a third-party cookie blocking feature ["Same Site cookies]] Has been released for Chrome 80, but this feature is available to all Chrome users.Expected to be 2022.

Microsoft's Edge, which is based on Chromium, is gradually blocking third-party cookies, but not all users have this feature turned on by default.

Apple's decision does not block all user tracking in Safari. The only thing blocked is a tracking technique that embeds a cookie file in Safari and checks it repeatedly to identify users who move between sites.

ほ か Other user tracking methods that use browser fingerprints and the like are likely to continue to be available in the future.

に つ い て What does this change and what impact it has on developers and website operators?Blog posts from the WebKit teamPlease see.

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