Apple teaches you how to shoot beautiful fire and ice with the iPhone. All you need is a quiet effort!

Apple has released a beautiful video shot of fire and ice on iPhone 11 Pro.

How to shoot beautiful fire and ice?

Apple unveiled a video "Experiments IV: Fire & Ice" on January 4 on the company's official YouTube channel.

It is a video for smartphones that you see on the vertical screen, but I want you to watch it first.

Experiments IV: Fire & Ice

There were lots of beautiful images, like fluttering flames and ice that freezes like flowers blooming, right?

You can find out how to shoot in the making movie!

You can check the shooting method and this making movie [behind the scenes video].

As you can see, the necessary equipment is a selfie stick and a tripod for taking pictures close to the flame.

Shake a container with water,

Blow the water in the hose as much as possible,

Putting the gas burner's mouth in a bottle and shooting it from the outside was a conservative effort.

Use dry ice,

There is also a difficult method, such as putting an “iPhone” into a burning wire net [the selfie stick is active here].

The scene where the ice that I was worried about personally opens to dry ice

Pour a mysterious liquid,

It seemed to be filming how it freezes.

It looks like this scene from the flame was just shot from above …

If you make a picture like this! it's beautiful! !

Even if weird people have many fireworks …

If you make a video like this! This is also beautiful! !

It seems that various images can be taken depending on the idea. If you want to make a video, why not try it?

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