Apple Watch basic “Ki” Season 5-“Noise” function to measure environmental sound

In watchOS 6, the "Noise" function can be used with Apple Watch Series 4 and later models. This measures the volume of the surroundings, and if a volume that is considered to have a negative effect on ear health is detected, it is notified by vibration.

Why noise function? Relationship between volume and hearing loss

If you keep listening to loud sounds at live venues and construction sites, you may experience tinnitus and difficulty in hearing sounds. This is temporary and in most cases will be cured over time.

However, people who work in such places are exposed to chronic high volumes, which can lead to “noise deafness [acoustic trauma]” that gradually reduces hearing. The cause is that the cells of the inner ear are broken by continuing to hear a loud sound, and it is said that prevention is important because these cells do not regenerate once broken.

  • Hearing loud sounds can reduce your hearing and make it impossible to recover

The World Health Organization [WHO] warned that "about 1.1 billion people, nearly half of the world's younger generations aged 12 to 35, are at risk of hearing loss" Formulated.

The standard for safe use is "80 dB for adults and 75 dB for children up to 40 hours per week", and "equipment should have a function that clearly indicates what volume you listened to" and "continue listening at high volume" If you do, you also need a function that automatically lowers the volume. "

How to use the noise function

The noise function of Apple Watch always measures the surrounding volume just by turning it on once, and displays a notification when a certain level of volume is detected.

  • Tap “Settings” → “Noise” → “Ambient Sound Measurement” in Apple Watch

  • Turn on “Sound Measurement” → Return to the previous screen and tap “Noise Notification” → Set the volume for displaying the notification

It is OK if you use it without worrying about the noise function. You will receive a notification when the volume for which notification is set is detected. If you want to check the volume, it is convenient to set the Apple Watch complication.

  • You will receive a notification if the set volume continues for a while. Also, when placed in the complication, you can see the volume of the environmental sound in real time

How to check the volume measurement history

Noise measurement history is stored in the iPhone “Healthcare” app. You can check whether the environmental sound level is appropriate and how much the past volume has been.

  • Open the "Browse" tab of Healthcare and tap "Hearing" → "Tap environmental sound level

  • Displays changes in environmental sound level from hour to year. If the “noise exposure limit” is not exceeded based on the measured value, “OK” is displayed.

By the way, you can also check the headphone volume level in Healthcare. It is said that the volume of the headphones also affects hearing, so be careful about the volume level and usage time.

  • Tap “Headphone volume” on the above screen → Past volume changes will be displayed

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