Apple Watch basic "Season" Season 5-Easy input, "periodic recording" that can take over past records

Physiological period recording app used by many women. That function was finally installed in iOS and can now be used from Apple Watch. Apple Watch makes it easy to record without taking out your iPhone.

Just tap once on the day of bleeding

New feature added to iOS 13 “Periodic Recording”. Although it is included in “Healthcare” on the iPhone, an icon is added by itself in watchOS 6.

  • Press the digital crown and tap “Periodic recording” on the home screen → Ellipses showing the date are lined up. Tap once on the day when there is a period → A red circle is displayed and "Bleeding" is recorded

It may be difficult to understand at first, although it is a different interface from the physiological calendar application that generally has many calendar types, but basically you can just tap once on a period when you have a period. Even if you don't have an iPhone, you can enter it immediately, so you can avoid forgetting it.

  • You can also check here if you think your period is close. The light red diagonal line is the day when there is a possibility of menstruation, and the dark red diagonal line is the day when the start of menstruation is predicted

How to record symptoms more closely

In addition to the presence or absence of bleeding, symptoms such as bleeding volume, menstrual pain, and headaches can be recorded.

  • Scroll down to see other items. “Menstrual” → Bleeding volume record. If you check any of the bleeding volumes, it will automatically check for “with bleeding”

  • "Symptoms"-> record other symptoms (*). Can also be used to record premenstrual syndrome

  • “Spot bleeding” → Illegal bleeding records. Although it is inaudible Japanese, it is written as "Spotting" in the English version, which means a small amount of illegal bleeding

* Since there are expressions that are difficult to understand in Japanese in the "symptoms" item, I will add them.
Abdominal colic: Menstrual pain
Abdominal fullness: Belly beam
Breast tenderness: breast beam

In addition, if you want to add recording items such as vaginal discharge and basal body temperature, open “Periodic Recording” on iPhone and set from “Option” (to the next item)

Other items and calendar notation on iPhone

If you want to check past records, it is convenient to view them on your iPhone.

  • Tap "Healthcare" on the home screen → Open the "Browse" tab at the bottom and tap "Periodic recording"

  • An input field similar to Apple Watch is displayed → Scroll down to see the next prediction and past history

  • Tap "Options" to enable predictions, notifications, and turn on / off other recording items

  • If you turn on other recording items as above, an entry field will also be added to Apple Watch

How to move from an app you used

Physiological record is an application that is difficult to transfer considering the accumulation of past records. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the app data linked to “healthcare”. Past records are read into healthcare, and data can be easily transferred when changing models or switching apps.

  • Open “ Settings '' in the application you use regularly and tap items such as “ Healthcare '' “ Apple Health '' → Turn on items such as “ Data integration '' “ Allow import / export ''

  • Tap “Turn on all categories” to complete → Open “Periodic record” in “Healthcare”, and past records are loaded. After loading, the original app can continue to be used as usual

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