Apple Watch basic “Season” Season 5-Linking with iOS points “Reminder”

In iOS 13, the “Reminder” interface has been renewed and the functions have been greatly expanded and improved. The list screen has been renewed in response to the watchOS reminder. Although there are no other major changes in operability, we will introduce how to use reminders with iPhone + Apple Watch.

About iOS 13 remindersHereIt is introduced in detail in the article.

How to use Reminder on Apple Watch

Apple Watch reminders are opened by pressing the digital crown and tapping the icon from the app screen. On the list screen, the same list as “Today” and “Flag” is displayed on the iPhone, and when you open it, you can check the registered reminders.

  • Press the digital crown and tap the reminder app icon → The list screen opens → Tap to display the registered reminders. Tap to check done

  • To add a new reminder, tap "New" at the bottom of the list, or tap the display and tap "+" → Select voice input or emoji → Enter

  • Or you can register directly with Siri. You can also set the date and location

Convenient ways to support iPhone reminders

Burning trash on Mondays, plastic waste on Wednesdays, booking a meeting room tomorrow when going to work, going for cleaning on the way home, etc. As well as managing business tasks, you can manage small things that are often forgotten Useful reminder. The iOS (iPadOS) 13 reminder has improved the tool so that you can quickly set the date and time when registering, making it easier to deliver notifications at the right time.

  • Set date and time when creating reminders. You will receive a reminder notification when you arrive at the date and time or at the specified location (about 100m radius)

However, there is no point in noticing that even if you receive a notification, you will miss it or notice it. However, Apple Watch will send notifications to you, so you can prevent oversight.

  • You will receive a notification at the designated date and time or at the location → Check completed tasks on the spot. Or you can set a reminder

If you forget something, register for iPhone reminders on the spot and set the date and time if possible. And if you wear an Apple Watch, notifications remind you when you need it.

Apple Watch is a little weak for input work, but if you manage tasks with iPhone, it will be an indispensable support for managing tasks efficiently.

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