Apple Watch Dial Illustration 29-Extra Large

The dial design of Apple Watch, which increases with every OS update. Introduce each feature and points of use. This time it is “extra large”.

"Extra-large" specialized in visibility with easy-to-read typefaces

  • "Extra" dial that can also be used as a specialized wearable terminal

    "Extra" dial that can also be used as a specialized wearable terminal

As the name suggests, "Extra Large" is the ultimate simple dial that displays only the digital time display on the entire screen. In terms of size, “numbers / duos” are equivalent, but the overwhelming victory of “extra large” in the readability of the typeface. It can be said that the dial is large and really easy to read. On the constant display, the display color of the characters will be lighter and “:” will stop blinking.

You can see only one complication as a variation. This is because the complication occupies the center of the screen and the time display is moved to the upper right.

Information volume and practicality

Anyway, the best practicality is that the time display is devoted. If you have low vision, such as the elderly, it may be okay if other dials are difficult to see.

There is only one complication, and it doesn't focus on the amount of information. However, it is useful when you want to use Apple Watch for limited purposes, such as activities, stopwatches, or calling a specific person.

How to use

If you want to wear an Apple Watch as a fashion accent, such as coordinating with the color of the band, it is more visible than "Numeral Duo" and can be used as a watch. It may also be practical as a “show dial” to make people aware of time during work or meetings.

Although there is only one complication, it is rather suitable for focused use, such as dedicating to activities and making it an emergency or business contact tool.

Example of arrangement

  • Visible and practical "deca character" display. Enjoy a variety of colors, from vivid to astringent

  • If you set a contact (*) for complication, you can make a call from Apple Watch immediately by tapping

* You can select from contacts registered in "Phone-> Frequently used items" on iPhone.

What is the balance of the “ oversized '' dial?

  • A very practical dial as a clock that saves the maximum amount of information and displays the time. It becomes a purpose-specific wearable terminal by selecting a complication

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