Apple Watch Dial Picture Book 30-Kaleidoscope

The dial design of Apple Watch, which increases with every OS update. Introduce each feature and points of use. This time is “Kaleidoscope”.

"Kaleidoscope" that draws several expressions from one graphic

  • Apple Watch “Kaleidoscope” dial that can also be a gorgeous “moving accessory”

    "Kaleidoscope" dial that can also be a gorgeous "moving accessory"

“Kaleidoscope” is a dial that draws a moving pattern by combining one image with various methods. While the screen is lit, it keeps moving slowly, and after a while, a completely different pattern is drawn.

The original image of the pattern is selected from multiple graphics and photos prepared for this dial. You can also select from your photo library.

There are four types of styles: “full screen” using the entire screen, “facet” derived from gem cutting methods, “radial” concentric circles, and “rosette” meaning floral ribbon decoration.

Information volume and practicality

The full screen has only the analog clock hands on the background, and the other three complications.

Depending on the color of the image used for the background, the clock hands [white] may be difficult to see. Also, since the background is moving while the dial is displayed, you may notice your eyes. In particular, “full screen” and “facet” will have a strong tendency because the pattern moves greatly.

The pattern becomes the leading role even in styles where complications can be used. It's better to catch it as a part of the pattern than to use it.

How to use

Since you can set the photo in the photo library as the background, it seems that you will finally select it, but it is still a dedicated graphic that draws an interesting state as a pattern when moving. Ideal for adding a gorgeous shade as a fashion accent.

If you also want to focus on the role of a watch, you may want to combine a “radial” or “rosette” style of movement that does not interfere with the visibility of the hands.

Example of arrangement

  • When the prepared graphic becomes a dial, the impression is very different. Each time you look at the watch, it shows a different look

  • Even if the original graphic is the same, you can enjoy a different image by changing the style.

What is the balance of the “Kaleidoscope” dial?

  • Rather than the practicality of a watch, the point is the gorgeous appearance and the comfort of staring at a moving pattern for a while. If you want beauty in your watch, it will be an interesting way. You can also get a certain amount of information if you have a style other than "full screen"

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