Apple Watch Dial Picture Book 31-Siri

The dial design of Apple Watch, which increases with every OS update. Introduce each feature and points of use. This time is "Siri".

The “Siri” dial is updated with the current situation

  • "Siri" dial that evolves according to how you use

Did you know that Siri on the iPhone also plays a role other than voice assistant? Suggesting searches for Safari and maps, reading the date and time from email content, and suggesting event registration in the calendar, etc. Supports the use of information in various ways. The “Siri” dial makes use of this function.

In the morning, the weather forecast, in the afternoon a calendar / reminder schedule, in the evening, advice according to the progress of the activity, etc., necessary information is displayed according to the time. If you use your iPhone to work, private, or health care, it will help you to use that information more actively.

Information volume and practicality

The layout is such that 2-3 pieces of information are placed on one screen, and the amount of information is not large. However, the weather forecast is only displayed in the morning, the calendar is the next schedule, the reminder is close to the deadline, and so on.

The watch has a simple digital display and good visibility. It is very practical as an information terminal that functions like an iPhone "information branch".

How to use

Siri learns how to use the user and then displays information that they might use. As you use it, you will grow up as an assistant who understands you. The normal dial is once set, but the Siri dial is also interesting because it changes dynamically.

Of course, it is also recommended for those who often use Siri for Siri shortcuts and research. If you want to experience the “likeness of a smart watch” with Apple Watch, try it once.

Example of arrangement

  • The weather forecast, the next schedule registered in the calendar, advice according to the progress of the activity, and other information necessary for daily usage will be displayed

  • The data source used by the dial [the application that supplies information] can be set in “Watch” app → “Watch” → “Siri Dial Data Source” on My Watch. Turn off apps you do n’t want to show

What is the balance of the “Siri” dial?

  • A dial with both the amount of information and practicality, utilizing the unique features of the smartwatch. Although it is difficult to design fashion items, it will be a partner that supports daily activities in terms of information.

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