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Apple Watch fall detection, call rescue squad within minutes of electric motorcycle accident-Engadget Japan version


The fall detection feature of the Apple Watch Series 4 and later is a feature that is not usually required, but reports that a designer who had a traffic accident in San Francisco in the United States was able to call emergency rescue workers immediately. Of a locally based designerWilliam BoutHe had a car crash this morning on his way to work with an electric motorcycle. Mr. William does not have much memory at the time of the accident, but automatically calls 911 (emergency telephone number) without knowing the fall detection function of Apple Watch, and the rescue workers rushed within a few minutes . High tech is grateful for what sometimes sounds great.

There was a slight bend around the tires of the bike on which William was riding, and the helmet also had traces of something striking, and even if it did not lead to a serious accident (just because he tweeted the same week as the accident) It can be seen that the shock was added.

The fall detection feature included in the Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 5 is automatically enabled only when the age is set at the time of setting or the Healthcare App and it is 65 years or older. In other words, it is presumed that William, perhaps under 65, had manually enabled it.

When this function is on, if there is no movement for 1 minute after the fall is detected, after a 15 second countdown,The emergency call service will be automatically notified with the wearer's location information.

Even if it does not have a fall detection function or does not use this function, the countdown starts when the side button is pressed and held, and when it is overAutomatically call emergency number. However, Apple Watch, which does not support mobile data communication, assumes that the iPhone is nearby.

And with Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS + Cellular), you can call local emergency services even when you're in another country or region. In that case, no location information or text messages will be sent to emergency contacts (such as designated family members or acquaintances).

Apple Watch's fall detection functionA woman who had a seizure while alone at homeAndA man who became unconscious in the bathroomHas been an opportunity to be saved. If you have elderly people in your family like a stick that doesn't fall down, you may want to give them a birthday present.

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