Apple Watch saves male life early in the new year by detecting abnormal heart rate


Apple Watch saves male life early in the new year by detecting abnormal heart rate

Heart rate can be easily measured anytime and anywhere simply by wearing it, leading to heart disease, etc. since its launch in April 2015Immediate detection of abnormal heart rateOrFall detection functionThe Apple Watch has helped injured and at-risk people by quickly sending help to the wearer who is at stake. As early as 2020, there have been reports of cases where the wearer could be saved again from a life-threatening crisis.

Apple Watch saves Brazilian man after heart alerts lead to life-threatening tachycardia diagnosis-9to5Mac

Jorge Freire Jr., a Brazilian man, saved his life with the Apple Watch. According to Freire, the Apple Watch Series 5 she wore was “ Your heart rate is 140 for more than 10 minutesBPMIt was said that this was the beginning of the warning message. When Freire who noticed the abnormality measured the heart rate again, the value was very high at 170 BPM, so she returned home and rested and checked if the heart rate returned to normal.

Even if you rest, your heart rate will not drop from around 160 BPM,TachycardiaFreire said,Emergency roomGo straight to He showed the hospital staff the heart rate data measured with the Apple Watch and was able to enter the doctor immediately. He was diagnosed as having a heart failure that caused heart failure and stroke, and in the worst case he could even die.

Although Freire was diagnosed with no signs of a heart attack, she stated that she had been prescribed medication to lower her elevated heart rate. Freire posted a photo on her Facebook account measuring her heart rate with the Apple Watch. In the picture, Freire's heart rate is written, and it can be seen that the very high number was recorded from 15 to 18 o'clock, but at 20:58, the heart rate was quite calm as 101 BPM I also understand.

Mr. Freire's tachycardia will require more detailed testing, but he said, “ I think the consequences of end-of-year stress, anxiety, and not taking medications for hypertension correctly. '' He says.

Freire said, "Apple Watch has saved me." Apple Watch was praised.

In addition, it has revealed that he has sent a thank-you email to Apple CEO Tim Cook, summarizing his experience in an email.

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