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In CNET Japan in 2019Apple news”Is a weekly series of Apple product selection guides delivered by Taro Matsumura, who has reviewed new products.

A little left in 2019. Many people are trying to get digital products for Christmas. This is the Apple Holiday Guide 2019. Deliver how to choose by product category.

*iPhoneHen, 2ndMacHen, 3rdiPadThe fourth installment is Apple Watch.

】 Let's consider the outline of the 2019 model Apple Watch, the necessity of the cellular model to be worried about, how to select a case including a new titanium model, Hermes model, and the choice of the band.

】 Apple Watch is the world's best-selling smartwatch, announced in September 2014 and released in April 2015. It is updated every year as a wearable device that can be paired with an iPhone. In 2019, Apple Watch Series 5 was released.


Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5

Realization of the standard of watches

The previous model of Apple Watch Series 5, Apple Watch Series 4 in 2018, the first model change. The size was expanded from 38mm to 40mm and 42mm to 44mm. However, you can continue to use the band you used to. The size of the part that fixes the band, that is, the width, has not changed.

In Apple Watch Series 4, the organic EL display was expanded and a new display technology called LTPO [low temperature polysilicon oxide] was used. The advantages of mobile devices such as ease of manufacturing and low power consumption are increasing.

The LTPO has been in use since 2018, but the 2019 model Apple Watch Series 5 has a new feature called “always-on display”.

Power-saving LTPO organic EL display that is always lit

Power-saving LTPO organic EL display that is always lit


Ordinary wristwatches always have time displayed on the dial, so there was a subtlety to know what time it was. Looking at people using Apple Watch, the work that looks at the time seems to be overwhelming, and there are often scenes where I have to be careful.

In Apple Watch Series 5, the time is always displayed, so you can see the time with a glance like a conventional wristwatch. Nevertheless, it maintains a battery life of 18 hours. For this purpose, depending on the dial design, a dedicated dial design that reduces the lighting area as much as possible is prepared.

In fact, although the catalog value of Apple Watch Series 4 was 18 hours, it was not yet compatible with constant lighting, and in actual use, the battery duration was longer than the models up to Apple Watch Series 3 in 2017 . The impression is that Apple Watch Series 5 has just settled around the catalog value. Of course, the always-on function can be turned off, so it can be used for battery-oriented usage.

Tips for using Apple Watch

I have forgotten the iPhone that I forgot the iPhone, but I have been wearing the Apple Watch. Apple Pay is set to Apple Watch including Suica, and it is installed in the right hand in Japan to increase convenience at the ticket gate.

Apple Watch is built into my life for activities such as activity trackers and workout recordings, as well as notifications and quick searches without taking out the iPhone. Because there are many walks, an electronic compass is built in in addition to GPS, so you have more opportunities to walk to the destination while checking the wrist map without taking out the iPhone.

I don't have to check the direction to start taking out my iPhone

I don't have to check the direction to start taking out my iPhone

“Voice” is the most important function in my use of Apple Watch. When the message arrives, check the contents with your wrist and reply with voice input. Replies to iMessage and Facebook Messenger are usually voiced and the iPhone is no longer taken out.

Of course, I don't fall into a walking smartphone, but replying a message by voice input is also useful for mothers and fathers who are raising children. If you put out your smartphone in front of your child, you're more likely to want to see the screen. Also, if you push a stroller, it is difficult to count the number of steps, but if you track in a workout, you can record the calorie consumption when walking or going out.

And the use of Siri. Starting with Apple Watch Series 4, Siri, who had only screen feedback, began to sing. Therefore, even when you listen to the weather, calculate the four rules, or convert the unit, you can speak in a voice and hear the results read out.

Also, thanks to the evolution of watchOS, some websites can now be displayed on Apple Watch. If you ask for a word, it will return the result of Wikipedia, and if it is not in Wikipedia, it will display the search result. For example, if you say "Hey Siri, check out Mozart", you can pull the portrait from Wikipedia and display it, and you can see the outline part on the clock.

The use of voice can be said to be a point you should try to use Apple Watch in one step.

Do you want to sign a cellular model?

On the other hand, whether to make a cellular model is annoying. I personally feel that I don't need it yet.

用意 By preparing a cellular model of Apple Watch and contracting with a major carrier, Apple Watch alone can make and receive calls and data communication with the same phone number as iPhone. Even if you are not paired with an iPhone, you can receive calls and listen to music on Apple Music.

In other countries, it is an additional contract of about 1000 yen, but in Japan it can be said that it is an easy-to-use country because it only requires a monthly fee of about 300 to 500 yen.

Of course, only the aluminum case model can be selected without the cellular model, and all the other models will be equipped with cellular, but considering whether to contract, if you do not tend to forget the smartphone, it is necessary at this stage I don't think so.

On the other hand, of course, there are also merits unique to cellular contracts. For example, it ’s useful if you do n’t want to carry your smartphone when you go jogging, but you want to listen to music or receive incoming calls.

However, if you download the music to Apple Watch in advance, you can enjoy the music without data communication alone, and if you don't charge, you can use Apple Pay to get on a train or bus, or shop at a convenience store You can also.

】 If you just give up "calling while jogging", navigating alone, or charging for Suica, a cellular model or contract is not always necessary. If you are jogging, you will rarely run abruptly where you need navigation, and you can use a charge-free iD or QUICPay if you are a convenience store.

The downside of using Apple Watch with a cellular model is battery life. Using alone without an iPhone takes about 4 hours, greatly shortening the usage time. If this time extends further, it may lead to a sense of security that if you forget your iPhone at home, you can go back to work one day.

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