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Apple Watch Series 6 (Tentative) Rumors Containing Blood Oxygen Saturation Sensor-Engadget Japan

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Supply chain information has been reported that the next-generation Apple Watch Series 6 (tentative) will be equipped with the blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) measurement function, which has been rumored for a long time.

According to the Taiwanese industry magazine DigiTimes, Apple Watch Series 6 will be equipped with a "biological sensor capable of monitoring sleep status, detecting oxygen in blood, measuring pulse, heartbeat, and atrial fibrillation". That. Other sources have reported that they are equipped with a MEMS (device that incorporates minute electronic circuits, mechanical element parts, sensors, etc. on a single substrate)-based accelerometer and gyroscope.

The source also said that the next-generation Apple Watch is being "smoothly developed" in close cooperation with Taiwan ASE technology. ASE is a partner in adding health monitoring capabilities to future AirPodsWas rumoredThere are also cases.

SpO2 here is an index that shows how much oxygen is contained in blood. Generally, 95% to 100% is considered to be healthy, and less than 80% may impair the functions of the heart and brain. If the number remains low, there is a risk of respiratory or cardiopulmonary arrest. By the way, the SpO2 fluctuation measurement function is alreadyImplemented in other companies' products such as FitBit..

The possibility that the SpO2 measurement function will be installed in the Apple Watch in the future will be in March this year.Inferred from early code in iOS 14.. However, it was unclear whether it would be available on pre-Series 5 models or limited to the new Series 6 models. The hardware required for SpO2 (which can be achieved with a heart rate monitor) was installed from the original Apple Watch, and it was pointed out that it could be used with existing models as long as it has software.

However, Apple did not mention the SpO2 measurement function when it announced the next watchOS 7 at WWDC 20 in June. From there, it's a feature that requires dedicated hardware (which should be announced if it's possible on existing models), and the possibility of waiting for the Apple Watch Series 6 has increased.

SpO2 measurement functionMental health management functions such as detection of panic attacksThere is also a view that it is related to. The new Apple Watch is usually announced at the same time as the latest iPhone model,Same as this year's iPhone 12 (provisional) seriesSeries 6 may be launched a few weeks later than usual.



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