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Apple Watch Series 6 (tentative), will continue to have organic EL panels? Micro LED is a send-off rumor-Engadget Japan version

The next Apple Watch Series 6 (tentative), which is expected to be announced in the fall of 2020, is expected to have a micro LED display, but rumors that it will be equipped with an organic EL panel, like the previous model, have been reported.

Micro LED is a technology that displays images by laying ultra-fine LEDs on the screen. Like the organic EL, it can express pure black because it is a self-luminous method, but it can be expected to save electricity because it has no merit of being organic and is resistant to burn-in and deterioration, and its high power efficiency.

The source of this rumor is the tweet from Twitter user @ L0vetodream. He attracted attention due to the release date of the new iPhone SE and the three types of storage capacityPrediction that "MacBook butterfly keyboard may come back"Was a hot topic.

@ L0vetodream prefaced, "In my dream," and tweeted that "Apple Watch S6 (Series 6) will continue to use the JDI (Japan Display) display." JDI has beenProviding OLED displays for Apple WatchTherefore, it is assumed that the JDI display here is also an organic EL.

Why is this rumor getting so much attention? Power saving by adopting micro LED,Sleep tracking function expected to be realized in the next Apple WatchBecause it is deeply involved with. In other words, since the nominal battery duration of about 18 hours until Series 5 is assumed to be "how to install it in the charging dock when the user is sleeping", there is a background that further power saving has been considered essential. ..

There are rumors that Apple has been testing a prototype Apple Watch equipped with a micro LED since 2017, and in 2019 the Taiwan supply chain is preparing for mass production.Was being reported.. Therefore, this leak information overturns the conventional theory and has a weight that may affect the new features of Apple Watch Series 6.

Other new features of Apple Watch Series 6 include:SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation) measurementOrPanic attack detectionAre also rumored.

In order to realize such various new functions, the relative short battery life that the Apple Watch had in exchange for an easy-to-read screen (for example, Fitbit products can be used for one week on one charge) ) Should be overcome. I would like to wait for the next report.

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