Apple Watch shipments surpass Swiss watches

「" This week's Apple News at a Glance "that summarizes CNET Japan news related to Apple from February 3 to February 9.

WatchThe Apple Watch outperformed all Swiss watch shipments. Every time I hear this comparison, I feel more uncomfortable, but it has been reported that sales have already exceeded Rolex, but this is the first time that shipments have exceeded.

According to Strategy Analytics estimates, the total number of Apple Watches shipped in 2019 was 30.7 million, up 36% from 2018. Swiss watch brands, on the other hand, fell 13% from 24.2 million watches in 2018, with about 10 million fewer Swiss watch brands than Apple Watch in 2019. Apple has not released Apple Watch shipments.

As for Swiss watch brands, shipments have decreased but shipments have increased, indicating that the shift to high value-added products has become noticeable. So it would be more accurate to think that the reversal of the Apple Watch in the comparison of shipments is not a defeat of the Swiss watch but a clear change in role.

It's a mistake to see that the Apple Watch isn't successful.

A new model is introduced every year, and in 2019, the LTPO organic EL display can be turned on constantly. Currently, like the iPhone, the latest model Apple Watch Series 5 and the model 2 years ago Series 3 are sold together, According to Apple, Series 3 has lost sales opportunities due to production not catching up. It is about.

75% of new buyers, the wearable category including wireless audio such as AirPods grows 44% annually, comparable to the sales volume of Fortune 150 companies, with annual sales of $ 21 billion , Tesla, Whirlpool, McDonald's, Broadcom, Marriott, Visa and others.

In the Japanese market, where the iPhone is sluggish due to regulations by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the wearables sector is growing faster than in other regions, suggesting the popularity of Apple Watch in Japan.

AppleAlthough the Apple Watch continues to spread, it is true that a clear “killer” function has not yet been established. From the beginning, we focused on exercise and developed demand, but now we can say that it is "somehow sold".

In the future, it is necessary to discover clear functionality such as healthcare, payment, security, and AI assistants, as well as scenes that are easy to understand, such as childcare, human navigation, and communication.

原因 The reason why the speed of application development is slow is that the application for Apple Watch starts slowly. Until now, iPhones and iPads have created new uses and purposes based on the ideas of developers who create third-party apps.

AppleApple has not necessarily created social networks such as Twitter and Instagram, payments such as Venmo and Square, and message services such as LINE and WeChat.

Yes, Apple invests in research that developers can't easily do, such as exercise and healthcare, and builds the Apple Watch algorithm. But apart from that, there is still no explosive need Apple has given the Apple Watch.

At WWDC in June 2019, Apple provided a new design API for Swift, "SwiftUI," and realized a new application development workflow that can share the core of the application and create designs for each device.

The App Store is also available for Apple Watch, making the Apple Watch app the easiest environment for beginners. That doesn't seem to be much publicized. Watch out for the Watch app at WWDC in 2020.

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