Approaching the mystery with Miyane & Ayako Kato "World Court Mystery"

Fuji Television is on Sunday the real Sunday, with Seiji Miyane [56] and Ayako Kato [34] acting as MCs! Broadcast "World Court Mystery-Complete Crime Exposed" [8:00 pm].

The 13th installment of a popular series that approaches the mystery of the case based on evidence left at the scene of the killing, based on actual trial images and testimony. The theme this time was "exposed full crime."

"A confession of a murder without a body". December 2016. Sara, a 19-year-old woman in New Jersey, has suddenly disappeared. Only Sarah's car is left on the large bridge, and she is not seen around. Police have launched a large-scale search, with a view to the possibility of suicide by throwing themselves into the river. After hearing that she lost her mother four years ago, she was worried about her relationship with her father and was preparing to leave town. In preparation for that, on the day she was missing, Sarah was dropping a lot of money at a bank, and security cameras were showing her. In addition, a security camera near the home showed a suspicious person approaching the back door of the home.

Did Sara just disappear himself on the grounds of feud with his father? Or did you get involved in an incident because you had a lot of money? With no further clues to be found, the search seemed to be terminated.

However, one year later, the case was developing rapidly. A person was arrested for allegedly killing Sarah. The reason why Sarah was still missing, but as a “murderer”. It was due to the presence of a video in which the culprit confessed to Sarah's killing. Who is the culprit? What is the surprising truth of the murder without body revealed in the trial?

"Target witness". In August 2016, Pamela, a woman living in Missouri, USA, sent an emergency call to police. I heard Pamela's scream and five gunshots over the phone. Police, rushing over Pamela's body, saw the body of a lying man. A self-defense gun at home fired at the man who had invaded the house, and Pamela managed to save. A note and $ 900 in cash were found in the pocket of the assailant's trousers, telling them to "kill her, leave her knife stuck in her neck." Why was Pamela targeted?

Pamela was a key person who provided key testimony in a murder case five years ago and led the case to resolution. "With a knife stuck in the neck." What was written on the note was the same situation as a victim of a murder five years ago when Pamela testified.

The key to all is a mysterious murder case five years ago. Revenge or mouth-sealing? The surprising truth is revealed in the trial.

Commentary is film critic Tomohiro Machiyama. The guests are Hikaru Ijuin, Kazu Laser Maple Chogokin, Hiromi Kawada, Kazushige Nagashima, Natsuna, and Norihisa Furuichi.

"I hope this thirteenth mystery in the series will unravel the worst conspiracy in the history of court mystery so far. Sad case. Please look closely at the end. "

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