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Aramid fiber hater DURO Special Edition pre-fetched for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Deaf's Ultra Slim & Light Case DURO Special Edition for iPhone 11 Pro is a thin, light and sturdy aramid fiber iPhone case. When installed, the unevenness of the rear camera lens disappears, and above all, it is possible to get a sense of security without affecting the size and weight, so the people who understand it jumped out, the first production was sold out with haste, the next shipment is late January Announced with ~.

It seems that shipments for the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which was decided to be released at the end of last year in a hurry and more than expected, will also start at the same time. I had a chance to swing to the real thing a little earlier, so I would like to introduce you again. As a precaution, there is nothing special other than "for Max".


▲ It is for Max. There is a spacer around the upper camera as well as for 11 Pro. It is adhesion degree Max.

▲ It seems that a more detailed design was required in the production than for the 11 Pro.

▲ Someone told me that I tried and tried repeatedly to make the lens hole as small as possible and to make it easier to wear.

▲ It is compatible with the company's glass protector, but since it is designed to not cover the front, it seems that there is no problem with other manufacturers.

▲ Since it is as thin as 0.7 mm, wireless charging can be used without any problems.

The price of the Ultra Slim & Light Case DURO Special Edition for iPhone 11 Pro Max [copipe] is 6930 yen including tax [6600 yen for 11 Pro]. Max users feel that there are many more core people, so I have to personally recommend booking early.


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