Archery Ren Hayakawa aims for Olympics with her husband's meal support

Archery Women's Japan National Team Ren Hayakawa [32 = Denso Sales] aims to enter the Tokyo Olympics [Olympic] with her husband's meal support.

Last August, she married Joshi Elite Academy coach Tatsu Venus [30]. The nutritional guidance of a gold coach who had been dating for some time led to weight gain. The training camp started in Tokyo on the 3rd, and I was confident that I would be able to join the team.

To win a medal since the London Olympics, the couple wins the selection round with the power of the couple. Together with her husband, she aimed for a 10 kg increase in two years to improve her competitiveness. Eat meat such as Bulgogi made by her husband and clear the goal. Her husband, Kim, coached, saying, "I wanted Ren to be a better player." As a athlete, she was a savvy type, but finished in a body that was recognizable.

However, I feel my muscle weakness every day. During practice, I often feel the discomfort of my right shoulder that has broken down before. Although the body does not follow more often, experience compensates for that. "I understand my mind and my correction ability is higher than before."

He retired from the competition in 2014, but returned to service in 2017 to aim for the Tokyo Olympics. It passed the primary selection in November of last year and was selected as the eight who proceed to the secondary selection. Sonoda and others are emerging, but they are not going to give up. Aiming to be the Olympics representative, encouraging others' expectations.

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