Are there any advantages to using a browser other than Safari?-Why the iPhone is hard to hear

Speaking of WEB browser on iPhone is "Safari". Safari is launched when you do a search in the search bar that appears when you flick the middle of the home screen, or when you browse the WEB page of the link attached to the email. That's because Safari is a system standard web browser.

There are web browsers other than Safari on iPhone, but the engine that handles drawing and program (JavaScript) processing is the same as Safari. The same "WebKit" as Safari is used for third-party web browsers such as "Chrome" and "Edge" that are published on the App Store.

Using other engines is technically possible, but iOS restrictions mandate WebKit adoption. There is no choice for developers, and WebKit is also used for the web page display function used in applications such as Twitter.

The common engine means that there is no difference in functionality unless there is a difference in the version of WebKit used. In fact, the interpretation and display (rendering) of the HTML that makes up the WEB page is the same as Safari, and there is no significant difference in the processing speed of the program (WEB application) that uses JavaScript.

However, free development is allowed except for rendering and processing of web applications. For example, iOS version Chrome has unique functions such as being able to synchronize browsing history with PC version Chrome and directly using images on WEB pages for image search (Google's image search service). Edge for iOS also has features not available in Safari, such as sharing "favorites" with the Windows version. Isn't using such a unique feature the advantage of using a browser other than Safari?

  • Is there any advantage to using a browser other than Safari?

    Even if there is no difference in basic performance, third-party browsers have unique operability and functions (screen is Microsoft Edge).

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