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Are villains prohibited from using the iPhone? From Arm-based Mac next year? Until. Latest Apple Rumors-Engadget Japan Version

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Cook also says China has factories for major suppliers"I feel the new coronavirus is under control"That was the last week of February, which may have shown signs of improvement.

Apple bans villains from using iPhone? From Arm-based Mac next year? Until then, we will send you the latest Apple rumors.

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iOS also has a multitasking switch, but it looks like a "binder that overlaps side by side" and it's not easy to identify each background app.

Regarding the functions that still have to be used a lot, a famous leaker has published a video that will be an iPadOS-like interface in the next major version iOS 14 (provisional). That person is Ben Geskin, who has a proven track record of accurately pinpointing unreleased products such as the iPhone 11 Pro series.

In the image that says the internal build of iOS 14 is installed on iPhone 11 Pro Max, the background application is arranged in a grid (grid) and 4 to 6 are displayed on the screen. There is a feeling that the width of the 6.5-inch display is effectively used.

And the operation and response that you are interested in will be a multitasking screen as soon as you swipe your finger from the bottom of the screen, and the switching and ending of the application will have a smooth impression more than iOS 13. Geskin has released a setting screen to switch between a grid switcher (new UI) and a deck switcher (probably the conventional type), which has increased credibility.

In this year's flagship iPhone 12 (provisional) seriesIt is rumored that there is also a 6.7-inch modelIt is expected that the size of the tablet screen will be even closer. In order to link that area to usability, we will add an iPad-like UI and leave the conventional UI for 5.4 inches and 6.1 inches, and 4.7 inches for iPhone SE2 (provisional).

Macs equipped with Apple's proprietary Arm-based processor have been rumored for several years, but analysts have announced that the release is approaching in the first half of next year. The source is Ming-Chi Kuo, who is familiar with Apple insider information.

Now Macs have Intel Core CPUs in place, but have been using Motorola MC68000 processors for a long time since the first generation in 1984. In the 1990s, IBM and Motorola transitioned to a jointly developed PowerPC, and in 2006, became the current Intel family.

In recent years, Apple has also adopted proprietary Arm-based processors for the iPhone and iPad, and even the Apple Watch. And A12X Bionic mounted on iPad Pro (2018) is nominally “ faster than 92% of notebook PCs on the market '', and this year's A12 Bionic for iPhone 12 series (provisional) has the same power as 15 inch MacBook Pro BecomeExpectedIn terms of processing power, the machines used in Macs are ripe.

Kuo predicts that Apple products with 5nm process chips will ship in mid-2020, including the 2021 Mac, as well as the iPhone 12 Series and the new iPad Pro. Apple isIntroducing Catalyst from macOS CatalinaAnd while porting iPad apps to Macs, it seems likely that the goal of unifying it to Arm-based will also lower the software barrier.

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It is rumored that the ultra-short range wireless LAN standard "IEEE 802.11ay" will be adopted for the iPhone 12 series, which is expected to be released this fall.

According to the source Mac Treasure Appraisal Blog, this is expected to significantly improve data transfer between devices indoors. Specific applications include "use cases for gesture recognition for smart devices, health and watching, personal authentication, monitors in cars, etc."

In addition, the US 9to5Mac states that AirDrop, which transfers images and files between iPhones, will also be faster. AirDrop is said to be popular among Japanese middle and high school students because it does not consume packets (it does not reduce giga).

However, 802.11ay is currently in the draft stage and is the latest Wi-Fi standard that is expected to be finalized later this year. Why Apple has been cautious about adopting new communication standards, but why is it adopting 802.11ay ahead of other companies?

Jason Cross of the well-established media MacWorld analyzes that Apple's main aim is to connect the iPhone to a long-rumored genuine AR headset.

In the first place, 802.11ay uses the 60GH band, similar to the WiGig wireless LAN standard that Apple was involved in formulating 10 years ago. In addition to that flow, one stream of 802.11ay has a maximum of 44 Gbps, and it is possible to expect a transfer rate exceeding HDMI 2.1 by bundling four (even if performance is not as expected). .

According to Jason, 802.11ay actually provides enough bandwidth and low latency to be used to send data to high-resolution, high-refresh-rate displays. In other words, the iPhone and AR headset interact in real time, so you can expect a feeling of use that will not delay users.

The "AR headset is basically responsible for the display function and the actual computing is handled by the iPhone" is a method that makes it possible to reduce the weight of the headset and extend the battery life. Well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had previously made similar predictions.

However, the introduction of Apple genuine AR headsetLeading information that "announces the timeline of 2022 or later at the in-house meeting"There is likely to be a while. While making the iPhone side compatible in advance and maximizing the sales opportunity of AR headsets, the speed of AirDrop mentioned above may increase the popularity of the iPhone for the time being.

movieVanity Fair (YouTube)
When using real products in works such as movies, certain rules are generally set when obtaining permission from the manufacturer. Under these conditions, an interview video has been released that mentions Ryan Johnson, the director of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

He said Apple would allow the iPhone to be used in movies. However, he said, "The bad guys can't use the iPhone in front of the camera." Apple's trademark and copyright use guidelines also require that "you be fond of Apple and all of Apple's products or technologies", and that's not surprising.

But when it comes to mystery films, things get even worse. That's because the person who seems to be the true culprit could get misleading because he had an iPhone. Ryan said in a foreword that it would ruin the next mystery movie I made.

In fact, at the time of the overseas drama "24-TWENTY FOUR-" broadcast, "fan theory" that "good people use Mac, bad people use PC" hit with a considerable probabilityThere is also a precedent. Speaking of which, I collected Macs in animeApple official commercial "From beyond the Mac"Mac users are also good people (although some have been chased by police for running away and holding handguns).

People who have been watching the drama in the past may be unavoidable in the future, worried about the smartphones the characters are holding.

Apple's genuine Smart Keyboard that can be said to be indispensable for operating iPad like a PC. It is rumored that a series with a built-in trackpad is currently being prepared for a series in which only a keyboard-only operation system has been installed.

According to the paid news media The Information, Apple is preparing a new keyboard for mass production and will release it with the next iPad Pro.

The Infrmation says “ scheduled for the second half of this year '', but recently the observation that the next iPad Pro is scheduled to be released around March is influential, along with itSpecial event rumored to be end of MarchThere are growing expectations that they will be announced at.

However, on the other hand5G iPad Pro Launches Later This Year(There is a possibility that it may be different from the device in the first half), and it is likely that there will be a set there.

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