Are you rich in one's time? When you swarm you lose money

If you want to become a person who can make money, what you want to keep in mind
If I want to be a person who can make money, I think it's better to cherish the time of one person than the time spent in a group or connecting with someone on social media.

This is because the work that envisions one's life needs to face one's own inner face.

With someone, it's difficult to listen to the conversation and listen to the truth behind you. However, because you are alone, you can derive how you want to live and what you can do according to your true intentions.

Is it easy to lose intelligence when flocking?
Have you ever seen a group of students as “childish” and a group of runaway tribes as “nothing else to do”? As you can see from the fact that there are many people gathering in front of the izakaya, the student groups spreading all the way, and the people who make a fuss during group trips, people lose attention to the surroundings and are selfish. Will act.

They may be annoying where people pass, embarrassed to make noise, or “reason” that should be triggered when they are alone.

This is the same composition for corporate scandals. If you are a company employee, it is natural to prioritize the interests of the organization over yourself, but if you are overly focused on the values ​​of the group, you can leave the organization by saying, "This will be bad" You will not be able to judge the right and wrong that you should feel.

In other words, people tend to lose their intelligence when they gather. So can a person who loses intelligence notice potential business opportunities and market distortions?

◆ If you swarm, you can easily lose money
And this is also money. This is because when you are in a group, you are more likely to depend on the group's judgment than how you use it.

For example, you can have a cheaper lunch, but your regular co-workers will have to follow it when they say “Let's go over there” [though it also has the appeal of finding a new store].

Even if you want to spend money on a group trip, or if you want to spend money on a hotel, if the will of the people you are traveling with is different, you have to adapt to it. When I saw people around me buying souvenirs, I felt that I had to buy for some reason, so I bought souvenirs that I hadn't planned to buy, such as "That person and that person" maybe.

But if you are alone, you can decide everything by yourself without being swept away.

Also, people who rely on SNS and are always connected to someone tend to accept stimuli from the outside world as they are always exposed to stimuli and the latest information and have less time to think carefully. Then, it becomes easier to be influenced by the opinions of others than your own.

In online shopping, etc., you can decide not to buy with the evaluation of others, or you will unintentionally buy what you suggested with the recommendation function from your browsing history and purchase record.

Of course, all of these actions are not good, but as the net term “pochi” is often used, if you touch information unconsciously, you will push the purchase button immediately and desire to lose money. I'm not sure.

◆ Adults value their time alone
And it's not just about rationality, objectivity, and money.

Whether it is a hobby or a side job, people who have their own world will look attractive.

Because you can express yourself in your area, you can be satisfied with others regardless of how you are. Even if you hate something, you can escape to the world in a good way and relieve stress. Having such a back face or place gives you a sense of security and confidence, and it also oozes your attitude and facial expression.

If you hang too much with people, you will be thin and diminished because it will fit around you, but people who have their own world and express themselves there will have a depth and personality as a person.

For example, there is a woman who has the word “lunchmate syndrome”, and some women are afraid to be seen eating alone without being invited to lunch at work.

However, if you want to spend as much as you like at lunchtime, it is fun to open up a new store, finish meals early, go to massages, and hang out at a bookstore.

Whether you are traveling or appreciating at an art exhibition, you can enjoy the feelings and emotions of your own because you are not interested in chatting with others or being dragged by your sensitivity. In other words, sensitivities may be refined when you are alone.

Reference book: “The power to improve the quality of life” [Japan Business Publishing]

Text = Toudoo Tono [Money Guide]
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