Arm announces "Cortex-A78" for next-generation high-end smartphones

For many years, the chips mounted on "Android" smartphones have been behind the processors mounted on Apple's "iPhone" in speed tests. However, Arm's new chip design "Cortex-X1", a British chip company that employs technology from both mobile camps, will significantly speed up Android smartphones.


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Arm announced the new processor design "Cortex-A78" on May 26th local time. Managing the company's client businessPaul WilliamsonAccording to the company, it is expected to be 20% faster than the current Cortex-A77. The company also unveiled the "Arm Cortex-X Custom" program, which allows Cortex customization, and the Cortex-X1 which boosted peak performance by 30%.

▽ This performance enhancement will lead to the performance improvement of some notebook PCs in addition to the top model of Android smartphones. Specifically, products such as Microsoft's "Surface Pro X" that use Arm-based chips instead of Intel's "Core" series are applicable. But the most important thing is competition with the iPhone. "IPhone 11 Pro"Geekbench speed testSo, it has achieved a score of 1328, which is far higher than the 840 of Samsung's flagship "Galaxy S20 Ultra". Even the previous-generation "iPhone X" had a score of 918, which beats the Galaxy S20 Ultra despite appearing more than two years earlier.

Arm will support the chip maker with Cortex-X1 to customize the design with the aim of improving performance. To speed up the Cortex-A78 even more, depending on the chipmaker's priorities, either the cost of the chip will increase, the size of the chip will increase, or the design will consume more power, or both, Williamson said. ..

This article is from overseas CBS InteractivearticleIs edited by Asahi Interactive for Japan.

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