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Arm-based Macs appear one after another? IPhone 12 Pro Max (provisional) enhanced image stabilization? Until. Latest Apple Rumors-Engadget Japan Version

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At the end of March, the iPhone 12 (provisional) series, which was expected to be released this fall, became suspicious of the cloud while the new iPad Pro and MacBook Air appeared. Although concerns about the new coronavirus are being dispelled at its production base in China, there are concerns about consumption in countries around the world that still have a pandemic.

Arm-based Macs appear one after another? IPhone 12 Pro Max (provisional) enhanced image stabilization? Until then, we will send you the latest Apple rumors.


Apple's genuine wireless charging mat AirPower, which has not been released yet, is said to be able to charge the iPhone, AirPods case compatible with wireless charging, and Apple Watch at the same time. Rumors have been raised that the project has revived in-house.

Recently, Jon Prosser of YouTuber who has been actively transmitting information on Apple's unpublished products.It is said that the leak source is being investigated inside Apple) AirPower has not given up yet, and it is being redesigned to make heat dissipation more efficient. That said, the release has not been finalized.

There are third-party products that can charge three Apple products at the same time, but "putting on a mat without an adapter" is unprecedented. To achieve that challenging goal, you need to consider thermal management issues and device-Display the installation and charging status of AirPods and Apple Watch on the iPhone screen) Were rumored to have a large number of bugs, which ultimately resulted in "not resolved".

This time, will the dream of "charging iPhone and AirPods charging case and Apple Watch side by side" come true? Famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo"Small wireless charging mat"Is just under development, but hope is something we want to keep connected.

Huawei announced this week
Overwhelming camera performance even with P40 Pro +It is rumored that the flagship iPhone from this year to next year will have a significantly enhanced camera.

The first thing that famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo expects is that the 2020 high-end 6.7-inch model (the so-called iPhone 12 Pro Max (provisional)) will use sensor-shift image stabilization technology.

Currently, there are two main types of image stabilization: optical and sensor-shift. The former involves moving the lens itself. In other words, it is necessary to have a built-in mechanism that physically moves the lens for each camera, and correction does not work for other cameras. That's why the image stabilization works in the wide-angle and telephoto modes of the iPhone 11 Pro series, while the super-wide-angle lens doesn't.

And the latter sensor shift type moves the sensor position itself, so the correction can be applied in all modes regardless of the specific lens. In other words, the effects can be expected in any of the wide-angle, telephoto and ultra-wide-angle modes.

Kuo's other camera forecast is that at least one of the 2022 models will have a periscope lens. Since the lens can be placed horizontally by bending the optical axis with a lens or mirror (periscope = periscope), technology that enables high-magnification optical zoom even with a thin smartphone comes to the iPhone.

This technology is based on Huawei's P30 ProSamsung Galaxy S20 UltraThis is not a new technology. Therefore, the possibility of being adopted in the new Phone two years later seems to be sufficiently high.

A major market for iPhones and a big market
All Apple Store stores reopen in Greater ChinaIn other areas,Closed indefinitely.

Meanwhile, Nikkei Asian Review (hereinafter Nikkei) reports that the release of the first 5G-compatible iPhone may be delayed by "several months". The supply chain in Greater China is recovering, but one of the concerns is that if the consumer market in Kanban cools, sales will be lost.

In addition, operations at Apple's headquarters are far from normal, with the California government ordering all non-essential businesses to close. The environment of engineers working from home is not perfect, and due to travel restrictions, Apple will not be able to send personnel to develop more “ special prototypes '' to Foxconn and other Chinese factories due to travel restrictions, and future mass production Will be affected in some way.

Meanwhile, DigiTimes, a Taiwanese industry magazine, said that PCB (printed circuit board) suppliers were working as originally planned and had not been notified by Apple of possible delays.Reports.

However, these two gossips are not necessarily contradictory. Nikkei also considers delays within Apple to be "in the early stages" and it is common for the company not to notify suppliers until a decision is made.

However, Nikkei reports that PCB-related parts suppliers are instructed to “ start mass shipments by the end of August by Apple's new product release by the end of August instead of June as before '' I am.

This seems to be inconsistent with the DigiTimes article, but some PCB suppliers receive contact, some are not … If the situation is such that the new corona that changes every day inside Apple deepens the confusion It may be.

There have been rumors that Apple will replace Mac processors with Intel's proprietary Arm base, but what are the specific benefits? It was an easy-to-understand prediction that CPU costs would be reduced by 40-60%, making it easier to maintain low-cost laptops such as MacBook Air.

Famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said in a research note that after 2021, Apple would adopt an "aggressive processor replacement strategy" and move many Macs, including desktops, to Arm-based. It says that it will be adopted first for the low-end MacBook series, and that it will gradually expand its lineup.

Apple is moving to use proprietary processors, such as the A-Series chip for iPhones and iPads, the H1 chip for AirPods, and the S5 chip for Apple Watch. The Mac has also been switched from Motorola chips to PowerPC processors and Intel products, and the Arm base adoption is a natural development.

Kuo previously noted that one of the reasons for using a proprietary chip for Macs was "to control overall Mac design and manufacturing and adjust shipping schedules".Was listed. That said, Arm-based CPUs can also offer better performance and battery life, especially for MacBook users, for sellers.

If Kuo's prediction is correct, it is a pity for Intel to lose a huge customer called Apple, but users will realize “ MacBook with low price, high performance and battery life '' in the future It's going to be good news.

This is a gossip that seems to save you from having to enter a PIN code (or unlock the linked iPhone) every time you put your Apple Watch on your wrist.

There are two approaches that Apple has been attempting to implement with Touch ID on watches, one of which is to integrate the fingerprint sensor into the digital crown. The other is the adoption of a fingerprint sensor with a built-in display.

The former difficulty is how to add an ECG (electrocardiogram) electrode and Touch ID on the crown. And the latter embedded display fingerprint sensor has been used in other companies' smartphones, but it is not yet in iPhone, so will Apple Watch adopt it first? Is an unknown.

By the way, Apple has a patent that seems to be Touch ID with embedded displayI have obtained or applied for more than one.

And the rumor that the next system software watchOS 7 (provisional) will add blood oxygen saturation and sleep tracking function,Clues found in iOS 14 codeIt follows.

Both should not be technically very difficult (the blood oxygen saturation sensor is installed in hardware from the original Apple Watch), but as "needs a stronger battery", the next Apple Watch Series 6 Only (provisional) suggests the possibility of limitation.

Due to the limitations of the housing size, it is not possible to expect a significant increase in battery capacity.MicroLED with high power efficiencyMay be finally adopted.

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