Around the from(after the payment)gun insurance appeared

Small amount and short term insurance companies of”unique products”are also released,attracting attention.

【Here】Popular for a small amount and short term insurance of different kinds to further expand from

Japan small amount and short term Insurance Association of data in 2019, and 3 as of the end of contractor number of 101 companies. 16 years of the same period compared to the 17 companies increased. Premium income the total amount of this between 200 billion yen increased by more than,1000 million yen broke through.

Increased for 17 out of the 1 company in the remote case. Insurance actuaries[actuary]with the qualification of 畑加 寿也[for or] was established. 18 years 7 months”insurance to drive!” After the emergence of was.

No. 1 product is a”smartphone insurance”. “Tokyo Financial Award 2018 citizens needs solve divisions”of 1st place awards. The features of the”screen cracking・failure・water・theft and loss [pre-smartphone and SIM free smartphone also the target]”to”monthly 356 yen from premiums”in compensation.

“From your smartphone app in 90 Seconds contracts completed”. “Safe to use if you[insurance claims can happen]premiums[on average]approximately 30%discount to””3 months insurance contracts within the repair cost limit amount,many times the repair costs to compensate”etc. Besides this one is check as”1 day care insurance”such as also been launched.

It’s not the case is 1 month 28 days to launch of Japan’s first”P2P:peer・to・peer insurance[from my insurance]”. Newspaper articles on the wind I if”the premiums after the payment cancer insurance. 1 months of insurance the total amount you pay, depending on the monthly premium[20-39 years old:500 yen, 40-54 years old:990 yen, the 55-74 age:3190 yen]to change. This more expensive than that”.

Chewed, and insurance to the origin of”頼母子講”and”myriad”as”mutual aid concept”cancer insurance. The contractor at risk Share Insurance. Specifically stated, the following framework of insurance.

★Insurance: “cancer”was diagnosed when a lump sum as 80 million yen will be paid.

★Premiums after the payment of: Year 1 moon phase in the number of subscribers to 1 million/total paid 160 million yen, and 2 month post-claim premiums 229 yen. Diagram as described in”[claims 160 million+premiums in accounting for the management fee percentage of 30%:the case is post-levy]÷[the policyholder the number of 1 million-cancer Arhat who 2 people]”with this.

Chance, cancer patients have when we confront the immediate funds to secure the goods. IT contractor at help in and become just as good. The Financial Services Agency’s”regulation of the sandbox system [productivity improvement special measures law based on experiment]”certified that. Registration is done through. 8 companies, insurance companies,customer base development・deep plowing figure of”1 million subscribers with the aim of attracting”[field Mr]as that.

“P2P insurance is Japan’s market to become familiar with what is unknown”and that there is also a view of the future trends to watch for. [Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at]

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