Art Basel Miami | First Bentley model released for the first time in the southeastern United States

The 7th of December, Art Basel Miami, where the world's leading contemporary art galleries gather. Bentley concludes its memorable 100th year with a party that invited more than 250 VIPs at One Thousand Museum, a high-rise residence in Miami, Florida, USA. Bentley's latest model, the new Flying Spur and the EXP 100 GT, were released for the first time to guests and clients in the southeastern United States.

One Thousand Museum, where the new Flying Spur and the EXP 100 GT were announced, was designed by Zaha Hadid, who died in 2015. Since its completion this year, it has been said to be the most luxurious residence building in Miami. Its exterior is very advanced and everything from top to bottom looks like contemporary sculpture.

The new 3rd generation Flying Spur is like a modern sculpture designed by hijacking Bentley's design theory, and you can feel a certain British design DNA. The platform has also been newly developed, and it has a stance that extends the wheelbase by the front accelerator.

The feelings are felt especially from the back, and the elegant and muscular proportions can be seen. The latest crystal-cut LED matrix headlamps and a new wrap-around rear lamp that incorporates the “B” motif further emphasizes its appearance.

The EXP 100 GT used an all-electric platform to renew the image of the Grand Tourer towards 2035. A vision that Bentley envisions, developed under a precise design. Passengers and drivers can have the same luxury experience, and this car trip can be shared more luxuriously.

The impressive proportion of presence reminds me of Bentley's historic grand tourer, but it just sublimes it into the future. The result is a vision for the future that fits Bentley's position as the world's most popular luxury brand.

“Art Basel Miami is today the most prestigious place for artistic expression. Our presence here is for everyone who designs, manufactures and designs Flying Spur and EXP 100 GT for the future. It ’s a proof of existence, ”commented Bentley Motors America CEO Christoph George.

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