Artificial grass-derived micro-plastic,many rivers and lakes in the observation

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Environment-related services to provideTheIs 12 prefectures in a survey conducted by the plastic artificial turf which is derived from micro-plastic large number of observed as[The Kyoto Shimbun].

Marine pollution countermeasures, etc. in plastic bags of 7 months from the charge is enforced, the artificial grass also micro-plastic pollution sources seems to have become. Kyoto, according to the newspaper,”from the Kanto region to Okinawa and 12 other prefectures in 73 of the rivers and Harbor, such as survey results,almost all of the small micro-plastic pollution is confirmed and the environment of the venture spirit camera[Tokyo, Japan] is 4 until the day published.” This.

The next target is the artificial grass would.

The announcement by theAccording to, artificial turf, or other”plastic coating fertilizer”,”pellets”,”sheet kind and class”as well, confirmed it. Also, with overseas compared to in Japan, rivers and lakes of plastic floating amount of a lot of the data is also obtained from them.

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