Artificial intelligence(AI)and not too far away and what can I do? Google Brain Research

“Google Brain”, the AI”and”from just doing research. Based on the molecular structures of objects and AI to guess, the machine learning algorithm to training that.

【Here】Google,”Google AI for Japan”released by AI personnel to support the development of researchers a grant to

“Google Brain”is, as its name suggests, a group of research team. Smell consists of molecules and how the molecular structure of how to feel about the clear criteria is currently not know.

If the light in the prism that separates visible and known. That is, the wavelength by the color I see. This is the 17th century Isaac Newton experiment, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, Indigo, purple 7 colors to separate that.

The light wavelength is color coded, as by molecules”and”can know, and what kind of structure is what kind of”and”and the reference to know about.

Thus the molecular structure and inferred you have known it, machine learning can determine how not to study, and the graph neural network[GNN]using a technique called seems.

“Google Brain”is a veteran perfumer from our 5,000 molecules, and take,the smell of indicators, for example, the”Woody look””scent of Jasmine””sweet aroma”, such as to classify the training data, making the GNN learning was. However, this in molecular structure from”and”to determine exactly I had.

The human olfactory organ and the neural network structure is the same, not human feel”and”identical to difficult. A veteran of the perfumers can also structure different molecules are”the same”and felt that there seems to be.

Also, GNN have drawbacks,the same atoms and the same bonding with a molecule,the array is symmetrical chiral[Antipodes property] pair to tell you can not. The molecular structure as the left and right are reversed if the different molecules and in different, the determination can not.

Or smell much by the people reaction is just, but it determines that it is not. The human sense of smell is a wondrous thing, the reaction of how the pattern of the crack, if not more so.

However, the molecules in”and”look like a”sniffer dog””police dog”such as on behalf of the machine using the drift to the molecules to be considered, if the investigation Great progress expect. Or cooking, such as in the field of”good and”how do we produce such as whether the application of it.

Surprising is,”and”about the scientific criteria to find the work still begun. [Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at]

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