As a result of drinking a drink named "Curry is a drink." → It was a drink!

"Curry [rice] is a drink".. This is the word of Uganda Tora, a former member of Busy Four. It was born from the fact that he was a big man and he had the feat of "curry drinking". Currently, there is a curry specialty store "Curry is a drink."

Curry is a food, not a drink. However, on July 7, 2020, this product appeared from Lawson. "Curry is a drink. Red curry soup" [198 yen including tax]. "Curry is a drink".I don't know what you're talking about, but when I drank it, it was a drink!

・Is the drink "Curry is a drink?" a drink?

"Curry is a drink." has five stores in Tokyo and one store in Yamanashi Prefecture, and is a sister store."Tonkatsu is a drink."Also operates. And this time, the red chicken curry, which is a popular standard menu of the store, is reproduced in soup.

Open the lid and look inside to find the powdered soup and habanero sauce. If you prefer the more spicy one, it's best to add habanero sauce before eating. However, since the spicy taste is rather tight, it may be wise to add it little by little to adjust the taste.

The powdered soup contains freeze-dried cut vegetables and is relatively large. Personally I thought that this kind of thing is about an accessory, but it is a size that you can see that eggplant is contained without returning it with hot water.

Pour boiling water, stir with a spoon, cover and wait for 3 minutes….

3 minutes later add a small amount of habanero sauce to complete. It's shabby because it's called soup. In one corner of my head,"I call it a drink, but after three minutes it's eaten…"I was doing it, but it wasn't. Too bad… However, it's no wonder it's called soup curry, but the spice has a strong aroma.

"Maybe if you put it in your mouth, it might betray your appearance…"..

It tasted exactly as it looked. So this is…

!!!!! It's a drink !!!!!

Although it is sold as a drink,Drinking this makes Musho want white rice.. If possible, I would like you to sell it with rice. It has such a punchy taste that it pushes sweat from the inside of the body.

Things that make you want more spicy food when it's hot. You can get a refreshing feeling after eating, so why not try the drink "Curry is a drink" when it's hot.

Reference link:Lawson

Report:Hidenori Sato

Photo: Rocketnews24

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