As a result of examining the photos of wild birds sent by Masai warriors with "Google Lens"… / Masai Tsushin: 399th session

spa!Luka. It is Masai warrior Luka. I was instructed by Go [Hatori] in Japan to take a picture of a bird and send it to me. This month I took four types of birds. Good work.

Then, Go asked, "Please tell me the name [type] of the bird."I don't know that.I'm not Dr. Tori, I don't know. However, it seems that he really wanted to know what a goat is, so he seems to have started his own investigation. Well, anything…

In case of iPhone, the application to use is "Google",

If you click the icon next to the search window,

"Google lens[Google Lens]” will be launched, so if you click on the scenery mark at the top right of the screen, you will be able to select the picture on your smartphone……

If you specify the bird photo that I sent…

After thinking for a while…

It seems that search results such as "This isn't it?" For example, the first bird photograph was displayed as "Tsukinoiwa Terimuku".I don't know whether it is right or wrongAnyway, it's a great feature!

For example, a bird on a tree…

I was guessed "Emu" or "Turkey",I wonder what about? Is it right?

Black and white two-tone birds…

It was displayed as "White Erio Toucan Glass" or "Kubiwa Glass",What is it? Is it right?

Even a bird in the distance, if you treat it like Google…

"Black-headed Guinea Fowl" or "Agelastes" came out, but in any caseI and Go didn't know if it was right or wrong.How about a person who is familiar with birds? Is it right? Even so, it is a convenient function. Let's use Choi Choi in the future. Ore seri!

Reference link:Google lens

Report:Luka [Masai]

Extra translation:GO Hatori

Photo: RocketNews24.
Screen Shot: Google

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