As a result of having Ojisan cut his hair on the streets of India, I became a meta-meta rattle! But you know…

About 3 months after traveling abroad. My hair was tattered when I was hit by hard water in Europe, burned in the sunshine of Africa, and bathed in a cheap shampoo. Because it's damaged, brown hair is transformed into blond hair,Shabby hair styleIs forming.

CurrentIndiaSecond week of stay. The hair that had been stabbed every day without a hair dryer began to tear off. As expected, this is not good. If you return home, the days of marriage are waiting again. If we don't stop the cuticle from flowing out now …

There are no stores on the streets of India, so-called"Nara's haircut shop"There are many. I tried running to get my dirty hairs aligned.

・ There are also stray

I'm staying in a city in northern IndiaJodhpur. It is a beautiful and peaceful city with the nickname “Blue City”. Personally recommended for beginners in India!

In such a city market …

There was …It was!*Haircut ojisanIt is.

A small goza on the road … or a rice bag is his workplace. Treat combs and scissors dexterously and capture the boy's hairstyle. Exactly skill!

Razors and creams are scattered randomly. The mysterious liquid in the plastic bottle seems to be like a hair styling. It's a small amount of luggage that will probably take less than 3 minutes to close. Too stray! Ojisan has survived a harsh Indian society with one of those skills!

-Negotiate the amount in advance

"I want just 1cmBut how much? "I ask Ojisan." Then he shouted “200 rupees!” Without putting in a short time … It was not Ojisan but the spectators around. It seems unusual that “a Japanese woman cuts her hair”.CrowdIt was made.

200 rupees is about 307 yen, so the Japanese may feel that it is “cheap”. But in the light of Indian prices that Chai can drink for 10 rupees a cup, this is a complete profit. When I answered “no no”, it went down to 50 rupees. It's nice.

When Ojisan wraps a damp cloth around me, he begins to rub the mysterious hair styling on his hair and hair. The spectators shouted "More paint!" Ojisan rubs my hair harder and more …

Silently cut!

There is no moment of hesitation!

I'm talking about 5cm !!!!

・ Hayazawa

Ojisan is throbbing with no signs of worrying about my swaying sway. ……fast. No, it may be too early.

No matter how professional Ojisan is, it's pretty scary to get scissors hitting Bishibashi and the neck.

Ojisan, who stood up, cut my hair behind me, holding my head. Is the rule “do not stand behind” someone's will?

2 minutes from the start. It seems to have entered into fine adjustment as soon as possible.

Ojisan who gives a comb to finish here. I wanted to do it first if possible.

Remove the hair on the back with a towel …

If you wipe the hair on your head …

Ojisan "Yeah, well done!"

The time required for the whole process is not exaggeratedLess than 5 minutes. In the meantime, Ojisan never turned backwards. Ojisan is happy after a job. The grim expression turned into a pretty smile.

By the way, it was a cut fee that I hit with 50 rupees in advance, but finallySaddle paying 100 rupeesBecame. This is unavoidable because some of the onlookers said that it was “100 rupees!”, And even those who started saying “pay money because it was filmed” started.

This ojisan is strange because it doesn't say anything about the price, but I think it can only be said that this is the case in India. This time I was also interviewing, so I paid 100 rupees to make it easier. Otherwise, it may have been fought hard, and it is case by case.

I personally think that paying as it is because of the idea of ​​"cheap prices compared to Japanese prices" will make you sneak away someday, and above all, it is annoying to other travelers. Even if you travel abroad, you can find some new fun by struggling with the purse of your wallet.

・ If it is a dream …

Then I went back to the hotel and looked at the mirror, and I was going to make the most of this trip.

Me ……

Me ……

It ’s a meta-meta rattle!

My hairstyle looked so cruel that it would be a disaster so far if I cut it myself. As for the left side, there is a “forgetting to cut” part that is too bold. Wait a moment …Did you do that tweak?

And when it comes to the backside that Ojisan cut without seeing, he feels crazy. Only a part is cut about 15cm, and neither comment nor playback is possible. In Laputa Castle in the Sky, the heroine Theta had her hair cut by bullets, but I still felt that it wasn't so far …


Seriously …!

·But you know!

"Hair is the life of a woman"That is certainly true. If this was an event in Japan, I might have filed a lawsuit.

But … I was shocked to see this meta-metamorphic hairstyle, but strangely and more than that"I'm happy to be lighter"That feeling is stronger.

I also feel that Ojisan is not bad at all. The hairstyle of the boy who was cutting before me was fine, and I'm probably not used to cutting women's hair. As long as there are noisy onlookers to be added, it is decided that no matter how much the pros can't get their original ability.

…… It seems like thatIndian rough airIs it because of that? By the way, today is December 13th"Beauty Salon Day". If your hairstyle changes, your mood changes. Whether it goes up or down is up to you. If you're worried about damaged hair, it might be a good idea to take a break!

Well … When I come back to Japan, I will go straight to the hairdresser.

Report:Rena Kamezawa

Photo: RocketNews24.

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