As expected, the sacred place for gyoza, the layer is thick …! Utsunomiya's gyoza specialty store “ Koran '' was impressed with the horse that ranks in the top three in his history

I'm really impressed now.What a terrible place Utsunomiya is. Until nowMasashi,MinminI ordered a super famous store like this, but there was no such hidden ball in Gyoza Kingdom [Kingdom] …!

This time, I orderedKoran, a gyoza specialty store. This is a long-established store founded in 1959, but according to information posted on this site, it seems that it has core fans. Moreover, if you hear that the skin is better than Masashi … you have no choice but to eat!

・ Kotsu of Utsunomiya Gyoza Association regular union member

Koran's frozen dumplings purchased on the official website are included in 24 boxes. The price is 1000 yen and each is 40 yen, which is more comfortable than Shoji and Minmin in the late 30 yen range at the time of purchase. I did some sort of guesswork, but if this made it inferior in taste, I thought it would be a bad deal.── but

Koran's frozen dumplings arrived in a carefully packed package …

“ Utsunomiya Gyoza Association regular union member ''When you see the Inro in your eyes, you seem to be involuntarily prostrating. And when you open the box

To … to …

Hey! [Prostrate]

I can't wait for the unexpected because the snow-white gyoza appeared. Then let's show them the gyoza skills that core fans love!

・ Cooking with God Tech

Of course, how to make is the representative director of the Fried Gyoza AssociationOnodera's God Techuse.

Oil the bottom firmlyAdd hot water. Then steam …

Shake the frying pan to tighten! Rolling !!

And if you turn it over …

Kanpaku no Puki

・ Immediate meal

First of all, try to taste the taste as it is. The impression that I ate …


I had the impression of an elementary school student, but there was an impression that my vocabulary was lost. The sequence is too perfect and the balance is overwhelming. And yet, they can be eaten and are the perfect size.

・ Baseball hitter type

If Koran's gyoza is compared to baseball, what is the worst hitter you don't want to play against? If the ginger-savvy Masatsugu is the fourth home run batter in Bali, Koran is the fastest hitter in the tough foot. But if you're trying to defend a bitRunning home runIt is the number one that has lost one head because it has leg strength to do.

What this means is that the sense of speed that stimulates the brain is outstanding. That is,Gives you some happiness from dumplings in your mouth to your throatBut if you dare to tell in a bullet …

Oh, crisp skin sungoi → gravy sungoi → stuffed snugs and sungoi → ginger works well, and it's good.

・ Utsunomiya gyoza with thick layers

It was a series of scenes where the pitcher [eater] could not concentrate on his pitch. It's been over 100 days since I started eating gyoza, but I've been feeling for a long time since I've been shot with good sound. I was reminded of the thickness of Utsunomiya gyoza. Utsunomiya is amazing … no, it's scary !!

There must be more shops to impress Utsunomiya, and I had no choice but to make a pilgrimage to the sacred place in the near future. This time, Koran, which has been in the top three of the gyozas I've eaten so far, is still delicious.

Reference links:Gyoza specialty store "Koran"

Report:Harada Takashi

Photo: RocketNews24.

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