As if variety, Nakai "President" laughed interview

Nakai Masahiro [47] referred to the "discrimination theory" among SMAP members that was disbanded at the end of 2016 at the announcement meeting for leaving the Johnny's office in Tokyo on the 21st. In addition, the conference itself was divided like a variety show, and it was excited with laughter.

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Masahiro Nakai immediately separated the conference on 21st as the “President,” and took the venue into a whirlpool of laughter with a friendly exchange of intentions. He arrived at the conference 20 minutes before the start of the conference and was surprised to meet the reporters who came in later. After that, he said, "I'm going to go to production. Five seconds ago, 4, 3, 2, 1" and started, "I just want to hold a long interview with me, Masahiro Nakai, and leaving."

"Because there is time for the Q & A session, we have up to five media." The company name of the new office is "I've been here …" When asked what he wanted to do in the new office, he said, "I have nothing to do."

When asked if he had reported his release to a colleague in the office, he told the person who appeared in the news program and introduced Higashiyama's reaction while imitating a senior boy boy Noriyuki Higashiyama. After a moment of silence, I was silenced, "I've done it." "And apologized to the camera.

When asked about the possibility of co-starring with the future "New Map", "Maybe it could be" Kis-My-Ft3 "or" V7 "." However, in his solo debut as a singer, he put his emphasis on the voice, saying, "It is almost zero. It is impossible.

Nakai has been reported to have a serious relationship with a choreographer for 17 years. However, he denied his marriage, "Nothing at all. One millimeter. It is impossible. I know where I am missing humanly." As for fans, "4 or 5 years ago the live was not halfway." Wow. "Where did those girls go. I can't find them at all." Occasionally, a variety of interviews took place for about one hour and fifty minutes with a note stating "Be careful of flashing flashes."

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