Asahi Kobayashi Lyrics folding greeting Kyoko Aoyama's parting

Kyoko Aoyama [real name Midori Kobayashi], a wife of actor and singer Asahi Kobayashi [81], who died at the age of 84 from lung cancer on the 12th at lung cancer on the 12th, had a ceremony to celebrate Kiriga in Nishi-Gotanda, Tokyo on the 23rd. It was operated at Tansaiba.

According to Nikkatsu officials, "Kobayashi greeted him as usual." About 100 people attended, including Hideki Takahashi, Osami Nabe, Nima Mother Kinmaji and large room actors from the Nikkatsu era.

Kobayashi mourns, quoting a poem that calligrapher Ranyuki Ozawa wrote the lyrics for famous songs such as "North" and "Kai Follow" for a farewell ceremony. I was able to take a leisurely journey, and thank you very much. " Ozawa is a friend of Aoyama's calligraphy, and the poem was put in a coffin.

Aoyama joined Toho in his second year of high school and made his actress debut in the 1952 film Adolescence. Appeared in about 70 movies and dramas. He married Kobayashi in November 1967.

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