Asao Ichiyama's prize money shortage, postponed application from each company

The Japan Business Federation Athletics Association announced the annual commendation for FY19 on the 14th.

Yusuke Suzuki [32 = Fujitsu], who won the gold medal at the men's 50-kilometer race at the World Championship [Doha] last fall, was selected for the Athlete of The Year award.

Originally, an award ceremony and a reward ceremony for Mao Ichiyama [22 = Wacoal] who won the Nagoya Women's Marathon [8th of last month] at 2 hours 20 minutes and 29 seconds were scheduled to be held on that day, but the new Corona It was canceled due to the influence of a virus.

Ichiyama's record is equivalent to setting A [within 2 hours 21 minutes 59 seconds] with the reward of the Japan Business Federation. Players will be rewarded with 10 million yen and 5 million yen for teams, but the marathon world, such as Tokyo on the 1st of last month, has a good record. The remaining amount of the reward system fund is 8 million yen. I was happy to scream, but I couldn't afford to pay the full amount.

To make up for it, the coalition was seeking additional funding from its sponsors by this date. However, the influence of the new coronavirus is large at each company, and it is said that it has not gathered yet. However, with the suspension of the reward award ceremony, the alliance will postpone the deadline for answering whether or not to invest in each company, and will make an effort to collect rewards.

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