ASKA's first performance after leaving Chageas

Singer ASKA [61] performed on the first day of the national tour “ASKA premium ensemble concert -higher ground-” at Kyoto Concert Hall on the 10th.

This was the first concert after the withdrawal from CHAGE and ASKA in August this year.

At the opening, CHAGE and ASKA's song “Weather forecast lover” and his own song “HELLO” were performed. He said, “I did n’t make you wait”.

This tour is a joint performance with ASKA band and a string ensemble by classical musicians. There will be 14 performances until Kumamoto performance on March 20 next year. December 10th, the date of the first day of the Kyoto performance, is said to be the death date of Ryoma Sakamoto, who ASKA loves. ASKA said, “I had a concert in Kyoto last year. I didn't aim for it,” he said.

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