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ASMR specialized video app "ZOWA" scheduled to be released in spring 2020-Engadget Japan

Eisys Game ZOWA

Asys, a game for smartphones, started distributing the ZOWA [iOS] video application compatible with ASMR from February 1.

ASMR is a word that expresses the comfort caused by visual and auditory stimuli and the nervous sensation of the brain. .

ZOWA posted about 1,000 ASMR videos by ASMR creator "ASMRtist", which had over 120 members at the time of release. It will appeal when you enjoy high quality videos.

To submit a video, you must apply as an ASMRtist and pass the review. When a video is viewed, 70% of the profit is distributed to ASMRtist. Also, it is assumed that there is no advertisement that flows when the video starts, unlike YouTube, and that it can be viewed comfortably.

Viewing features include background playback, loop playback, notifications of new ASMRtist follow-ups, and the ability to filter out unwanted videos with filters.

The ZOWA app will be available on the WEB version from the spring of 2020 for iOS at the beginning of distribution. We are also considering adopting original video projects and paid menus.

Why don't you try the whole body with the ZOWA app?


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