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Click the Higher Education Research Institute is a high school students went to”College Brand Power survey 2020″findings 7 on May 16 announced. Studies in the Kanto, Tokai, Kansai, performed in the University for the awareness and academic areas of consciousness have any questions about the activities. As a result, the aspiring University field,Kanto region, Meiji University,Tokai region is Meijo University, Nagoya, Japan,Kansai region, Kansai University is to identify and share best practices for.

【Here】Career Guidance Team for of this year, high school 3rd grade course of Market Watch

■3 person interview before the reference to”reputation”

This year the students hope the course to Refine coming up. The school is always shorter than the summer vacation before the Guardians with 3 persons interviews is activated, and the University is 1 person a lot of students and contact with the open campus of the public relations battle too.

As University students gathered to struggle while the customer is the student’s awareness and conscious is such a change important?

■University and ask questions about the item

The survey is a”wannabe University”,”know the University”,”University image”, such as Kanto, Tokai and Kansai region of 3 divided into two regions was made.

The results of the survey, see Table 1,”University of Brand Power survey results summary”and have a……

■Academic hope academic disciplines related items

Faculties and departments such as learning about the field of hope in the survey, economy and Management・Business Administration other social Sciences or overwhelming to many,4 people to 1 person is chosen[multiple answers], and as a result, and 2 years in a row increasing.

Other in 2 consecutive years, the applicant has increased as a field,information systems,art and design, music, literature, psychology, Engineering[Electrical・Electronics and information], nursing, medical, social welfare,sports,education and childcare up.

The opposition to the applicant 2 years in a row have decreased the field is only 1, Engineering [Mechanical]or.

The future of social needs and welfare, IT, cutting-edge science in the field of Human Resource Development is urgent and it is said that in the areas oriented to the student seeing increased in. On the other hand,the white color needs are reduced, and professionals needs to increase, and that medium-to long-term trends in the industry indirect employment to many economic and management・business system of the applicant is increased by the point that is also distinctive. [Article: Inagawa 海豹・The article list to look at]

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