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From 14:00 on March 27 tomorrow, "Super One Pound Beef Burger" will appear in Burger King. The weight of beef patties is amazing 499g!

Birkin "Super One Beef Burger" Released tomorrow

The other day, the violently big "DeratikiBurger King who sent out to the world.

From tomorrow, again beef patties that can be said to be violent again, boasting an amazing weight of 499 g only with meat “Super one pound beef burger]Will appear.

This "super one pound beef burger" is a very expensive single item at 1,180 yen, but if you consider 499 g of beef patties, it is about 236.4 yen per 100 g by simple calculation. They cook at the same price as buying beef at a supermarket, and they also have buns with vegetables … It's too cool to think calmly.

By the way, if you can not eat 499g, there is also a super half pound beef burger with two patties. Here is a single item price of 700 yen.

During the period from March 27 to April 2, since it is a limited menu after 14:00 each day, meat lovers do not miss this opportunity!

Super one pound beef burger (4 beef patties)

Price: Single item 1,180 yen, set 1,420 yen
Sales stores: Burger King® stores nationwide * Excluding some stores

Super half pound beef burger (2 beef patties)

Price: Single item 700 yen, set 940 yen
Sales stores: Burger King® stores nationwide * Excluding some stores

<Notes / Usage conditions>
* Release period: March 27 (Fri)-April 2 (Sun)
* Sold from 14:00 each day until closing. (Excluding 24-hour stores)
* Sale end dates may change depending on the store.
* Not available at some stores.
* Some times cannot be sold due to equipment maintenance.
* All prices include tax.
* Set includes hamburger + French fries M + drink M.
* Due to limited quantities, sales will end as soon as sold out
* We do not accept pickup orders and cashless orders.
* EPARK takeout and delivery will not be implemented.
※The image is an image.

Official site:Campaign Details Burger King

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Burger King ・ Distributor: BK JAPAN HOLDINGS, K.K.
・ DL price at the time of publication: Free
・ Category: Food / Drink
・ Capacity: 14.9 MB
・ Version: 1.0.3
* Capacity is at maximum. It may be smaller depending on the model and other conditions.

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