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Seven-ElevenThe "Snacks for Sweet potatoes" that appeared last week is perfect for drinking alone and drinking online! Moreover, it is delicious and low in calories! The best!

Great for drinking alone "Omami-no-Ika no Okanokase"

Just because the declaration of emergency has been lifted, there is no frequent outside drinking, and room drinking is still the mainstream these days. No, I don't have any friends, so please give me such a tsukkomi (laughs).

As a lover of taverns,convenience storeI haven't seen many snacks, but it's easyYou can buy oneconvenience storeI am completely obsessed with the charm of the snacks.

This time, I would like to introduce the classic izakaya menu, snacks made from chopsticks! It's called snacks, but of course it goes well with white rice!

You can simply taste the ingredients

As its name suggests, "Omami-no-Oka no Okanokase" is a snack that has a baby potato on a sweet potato. Really simple!

Let's rotate the included sauce (dashi soy sauce). The scent of dashi stock is soft and fluffy.

And a quick bite.

Surprisingly, the crispness of long potatoes! Crispy feeling like freshly cut is kept as it is, and if you chew it well in your mouth, it will be in a thick state. If you put white rice here, you can eat infinitely!

It has a simple taste, so it's a good point to match it with any sake! Beer, highball, shochu, sake… good. It's the best.

"Snacks for sweet potatoes" is perfect for the coming hot season! Even if you don't have an appetite, you can easily eat the cold and refreshing seasoning. Moreover, since potatoes are excellent in nourishing and toughening, they should be a good ally for preventing summer heat!

A crisp texture with a simple seasoning, "Snacks of sweet potatoes." If you find it in Seven, please check it out.

Product name: Side dish of sweet potato
Price: 226 yen (tax included)
Official site:Appetizer Chogo no Okashikaze (with soy sauce) – Seven-Eleven

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