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ASUS's “ROG Zephyrus G14” that makes GIFs and characters glow on the back is fun! -Engadget Japan Version

ASUS VIP Media CES Summit, a new check of products announced at CES 2019, was held at ASUS headquarters in Taiwan.

"ROG Zephyrus G14" is a 14-inch gaming notebook that can display characters and animations on the LED on the back. 6000 holes are drilled across the back, and 1200 LEDs mounted below it are lit. The size, font, and position of the displayed characters can be set. The characters of "Engadget" developed at the top of the article are ROG fonts.

You can also fix the character position, but if the number of characters does not fit in the width, you can flow the characters horizontally. The speed at which the characters move can also be adjusted. At the venue, only English was displayed, but if it will be released in Japan, I hope that it will also support Japanese.

▲ Gian Suzuki, a writer who is also active in Engadget, is pleased to display "GIAN" on the back. "This feature alone is the reason to buy it," he said. I understand!


Animations can be developed by uploading dot picture GIFs to dedicated software. This is the snowman displayed at the venue. It seems that interesting animations can be created by using holes arranged diagonally.

This customizability is fun for rabbits. If you take it to the event, you can become popular just on the back.

▲ The state that is not lit is like this. This is nice and chic.

The number of 6000 holes is the number of awards that ASUS has won. We are planning to deploy models without LEDs, but if you buy a G14, you definitely want to shine the back.

A little disappointing thing about this rear LED is that it only lights up in white. If you want to display characters and illustrations on the back, I wanted to display pixel art with colorful LEDs. I expect in the next model.

Engadget▲ Color variations are available in two colors, white and black.

So far, we have only introduced the glowing back, but of course there are also many highlights of the PC function.

The graphic is an unusual combination of NVIDIA's RTX 2060 Max-Q GPU and CPU Ryzen 7. The battery life is more than 10 hours, and it can be charged from the USB Type-C port, so you can avoid the bulk of your belongings with the charger that is common in gaming notebooks. The display is available in two options: low delay 1080p 120Hz and high quality 1440p 60Hz.

The latest news on CES 2020HerePlease see from.

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