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"At Cosmetic Tokyo" is open in front of Harajuku Station!

@Cosme, Japan's largest beauty platform, will open @cosme TOKYO, the flagship store, on January 10 at the Gap site in front of Harajuku Station. The large three-storey store has more than 200 brands of cosmetics from over 200 brands, from Petit-Pura to Depacos, as well as lots of tricks that visitors can enjoy!

  • "At cosmetics Tokyo" is open in front of Harajuku station! What is the "Beauty" experience spot?

Best cosmetics from past to present!

The first thing that gets a lot of attention when entering the store is the “Best Cosme Award Tower” where many cosmetics are arranged from top to bottom. There are a lot of Vescos Awards and Hall of Fame items at "@cosme", and it is a fun product display just to see.

  • "Best cosmetics award tower"

The store also has a variety of displays that show at a glance the most popular products, such as the @cosme Weekly Ranking Corner, which lists the products in the weekly ranking, and the @cosme TOKYO Sales Ranking Corner, which introduces the best-selling items in the store. .

  • "@Cosme Weekly Ranking Corner"

  • There is a tester or image display even for products not handled

At the time of the game, if you have this, you will not lose “ amulet cosmetics '', items that solve winter fluctuation skin, etc.Product display according to various themes are also being developed, and those who are worried about what kind of cosmetics to buy It seems easy for them to shop.

Many spots where you can try and experience from skin condition to makeup

The biggest attraction is that you can enjoy various beauty experiences. The “Tester Bar” that can be used across brands is particularly useful. Items can be tried for each genre, such as "lipstick", "blush", and "base", making comparisons easy. In addition, the staff is familiar with seasonal trends and the characteristics of each brand, so it is easy to consult.

  • "Tester bar" where you can try products across brands

At the preview, we gave lectures on makeup that was popular in the spring / summer season, but there were various brands of items used together, such as "Visee" for lips and "ADDICTION" for eyeshadow. "I like this lipstick, but what kind of eyeshadow do you like? If you can, it's good!"

  • In the spring / summer 2020 season, items with pop colors such as neo pink and blue are on the rise, and colors that are more bluish will become the trend. It is said that it can be enjoyed on a daily basis if it is used as a color by putting it in the eyebrow. Sprinkle glitter on the eyelids too ◎

  • Staff who are familiar with trends and various brand characteristics will support you

There are many corners where you can diagnose skin conditions, such as “wood lamps” and “snow beauty mirrors” as well as makeup, so you can experience and understand from your own skin condition to makeup that suits you.

  • Abundant tools to diagnose wrinkles, spots, skin conditions, etc.

A space where visitors can relax

The store also has a kids' space, a nursing room, and a diaper change space so that people who are raising children can enjoy it. On the third floor, there are lounges, photo spots, powder space and oxygen boxes that can be used free of charge for @cosme app users.

  • Cute kids space!

  • There is also a lounge and powder space available if you show the application

It is said that it is considering pay counseling and events that can be experienced from 880 yen in the future. Anyway, it's probably not enough an hour to go all the way, as there are so many brands and items that can be overwhelmed just by entering the store. We hope you enjoy it like a beautiful theme park.

  • The number of items that can be overwhelmed just by entering the shop! Enjoy like a theme park

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