At the end of consumption,”savings consciousness”that is 8% of net shopping to use 8 crack

Consumption consumption of of fall had been predicted. Most of the rise in demand before the tax increase led to the movement was small because the impact is minor the view that many for for. However, 10 months of bad weather and global economic uncertainty increase in retail trends is more-than-expected decline seems to indicate. The last time in 2014 when the consumption saving is long-term rebound from the recovery is significantly delayed in this time of consumer sentiment but.

Internet comprehensive shopping Mall to operate eBay Japan 11 early nationwide of 20 to 40 men and women 500 name”as the subject of the end of money and shopping related”surveys, and aggregate report of the same month late in release.

According to reports,”by the end of the year sales at the shop will be”when asked about the”shopping plans”and the answer was the percentage of persons who are 37. 0%,”no plans”is 63. 0%and 4 assigned near the end of the year sales shopping schedule like.

At the end of the year spending about the contents of the”hobby”is 23. 0%at the most,the”party”18.6%,”the end of the Year Sale Shop”16.8% and continues. The end of the Year Sale you want to buy more than once about the answers heard at the results in the”clothing”is 69. 7%with the turn a lot,then”household goods”is 45. 9%,”Food and beverage”33.5%of the order has become.

Shopping budget is about”more than 1 million~5 million yen less than”44.3%are most common, then”5,000 yen more than~1 million yen”is 21. 6%of the almost 5 million less than the budget of the like. The end of the year sales in the shopping and the answer was out of Internet shopping a person who use the proportion of 75. 7 percent 8 percent are on the net shopping and answers and General retail stores minor impact on it.

By the end of the year sales or consumption tax tax increase after the first year-end sales, and tax increases have received”the end of the Year Sale saving awareness to the question”against,”and conscious”is 19. 4%,”awareness”is 27. 8%,”a little conscious”is the most 29. 2%,”completely transparent”May 23. 6%and the degree of difference is your”savings consciousness”and the answer to who is 76. 4%in 8 percent of those who and save the trend of the end of the year in the consumption to do so.

The last time most of the save game is not like developments in overseas economies and wage changes, such as consumption related indicators of trends while care is necessary as well. (Editor in charge:Kubota 雄城)

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