Athlete association arguing against association decision "understanding" chairman understanding

Top League chairman Ota Osamu Chairman said on Wednesday that the player association had issued a statement in opposition to the league suspension decision this month.

Opinions differed between the league and the athletes' association over the athlete's repeated drug problems. Ota Chairman, who responded to the report in Tokyo, said, "The players are all right.

On the night of the 16th, Shin Vice Chairman Kawamura [32 = NEC] of the Japan Rugby Players Association made a statement on the official website and other sources. "All players in the league have lost their chance to play. It's worth playing on the ground." In addition, he expressed his anger, saying, "At the same time, I am sorry for this decision and I have to say that we are ignoring these players."

Ota Chairman said, "I would like to consider other measures in such cases in the future," but did not mention specific measures. Currently, we are asking each team to give thorough guidance on drug prevention.

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