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Chocolate mint is enthusiastically popular with some fans. The author is also a chocolate mint party who loves chocolate mint. The latest work I would like to recommend to all Chocomin peopleLawsonHas appeared from! I think that everyone is curious about the name of the product, "Kaoru Chocolate Mint Waffle Cone", which will be released in the Uchi Cafe series, so I will tell you about its appeal.

■ A little adult and a great harmony of chocolate and mint

Many kinds of chocolate mint sweets have been released recently. Chocolate candies, cookies, drinks, and their breadth are widespread. After all, chocolate mint is definitely ice cream! I suppose not a few people think so.

Mint goes well with cool ice and is perfect for hot summer days! ♪ It will get hotter and hotter, so if you have never eaten it, please give me chocolate mint! (Propagation of the Chocomin Party)

Seriously of Uchi Cafe Ice

With the lid removed, the first thing that jumps into my eyes is a beautiful duo of mint green and chocolate brown. Not only was the chocolate kneaded into the mint ice cream, but the chocolate sauce was rolled up with the ice cream. Because the chocolate that is kneaded into the ice is small, the balance between chocolate and mint ice looks good.

As expected, it's probably the Uchi Cafe series, which is a chocolate mint ice cream that is already luxurious to the eye.

Super match with slightly sweet mint ice cream and bitter chocolate sauce

When you eat a bite without dying, the most refreshing mint ice runs around your nose. It has a light texture that is mixed with air, is not too soft and not too soft, and is very easy to eat! ‥

As you imagined, the chocolates mixed in did not disturb the mint ice, but still claimed to be chitin and its existence. It also matched the slightly sweet mint ice cream.

And the chocolate sauce that was rolled up together had a bitter taste and sweetness that was more subtle than I had imagined. It has an adult-like taste and mixes with ice cream in the mouth softly without sticking even if it is coolly cooled. Somehow it reminds me of a foreign chocolate sauce.

Also, if you think that it sometimes has a mouth-feeling texture, it seems that it is actually mixed with cocoa cookie crunch. Isn't such a surprise a special thing unique to Uchi Cafe? The change in texture is very delicious.

The waffle cone that supports the base is

In the old days, waffle cones that you could finally eat at an ice cream shop for an additional fee. The finest topping waffle cone that was also a symbol of high-grade ice for me. It is nowconvenience storeI am surprised that the ice cream is also standard equipment.

I don't like corn very much, but I think that there are many people who can eat all the delicious waffle corn. It's a world that really appreciates those people…

Moreover, the scented chocolate mint waffle cones are not just waffle cones, but cocoa waffle cones with a little extra effort. I wonder how far it will evolve. Convenience sweets…I can't see the end point at all.

However, no matter how much effort is added, it does not make sense if it is delicious. Let's eat it now.

First of all, when I chewed it, the crunchy texture was impressive. It's been a while since it was made, but it's amazing that it has such a crisp texture. The taste was bitter and not sweet. This goes well with ice cream! As expected, our cafe where you can not forget the details! ‥

The fragrant chocolate mint waffle corn is not so sweet as individual parts, but it was delicious ice cream that you can feel the sweetness when you eat it all together. I think that this product is made with a good understanding of the characteristics of chocolate mint so that you can eat it to the end without being overly sweetened and the aftertaste is not too persistent.

Why don't you spend the chocolate mint waffle corn that smells hot summer together? It may be a little more comfortable than usual summer.

Store: Lawson
Menu: Smoked chocolate mint waffle cone
Price: 298 yen (tax included)
Official site:Lawson "Smoked Chocolate Mint Waffle Cone"

(Sentence/Photograph ☆Shuuuuhi☆)
(Edit: Karko)

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