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Atsumori Play Diary | If you maze the whole island, it's hard to live-Engadget Japan

This is a play diary of Engadget editorial department Tazawa's software "Atsume Animal Forest" [hereafter "Atsumori"] for Nintendo Switch. First of all, I would like to tell you about Atsumori's play history, I played hard for a week since I purchased it on the release date on March 20, but I got tired immediately as a result of urgent money measures to adjust the body time It was.

A little bit, there was an event, and when the people came to see me, the default was that the residents saw me and said, "It's been a long time." I recently played Atsumori for hours on end. That is the maze of the entire island. Atsmori has the function of an island creator, who can freely set the land of the island, and I used it.

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Island creators can create cliffs. Could this make a maze? I think everyone will think. I did it. I started the work about a month ago, but I realized that "many steps were taken!" And left. However, since there are no more games to play lately, I thought, "Isn't it the best time to kill time?" And started work in earnest to complete the maze.

▲ A map of existing days. I got the island name from my favorite sash maker YKK.

For this maze, we cut down all the trees to fill the river and covered the entire island with a cliff. In addition, two mounds of cliffs, which are one step higher, were also installed to give the three-dimensional appearance of the entire maze. It is easy to use shrubs and fences, but since there was a mysterious admiration for the three-dimensional effect, basically only cliffs are used for the maze.

The process of digging the maze was fun, but the simple task of covering the island with cliffs was difficult. Compared with the block layout of Minecraft, the operability and precision were low, and frustration gradually accumulated.

▲ Since the residents' houses are also surrounded by cliffs, most of the residents were under house arrest during the work period.

Here is a maze completed by cheating the tiredness of simple work with Netflix etc.

▲ It is a maze from the airfield to the information desk.
▲ There are some landmarks on the cliff.
▲ I made a waterfall and a pond that flow up to the information center.

After completion, I had a friend come to play on my YKK island. Use a "ladder" that allows you to climb on the cliff, and forbid to check the map and have them play. I am glad that I did not have a simple route and I devised so that I could literally get lost, so I had a tough fight.

I played hide-and-seek other than a simple maze. I've been making a lot of money with the turnip for a while, and I'm accumulating a fair amount of bells at an ATM. So, we scattered 99000 bell bags all over the island and held a battle for it. This was hotter than a simple maze.

▲ In addition to the bell bag on the left side of the screen, which is easy to understand, the bell hiding technique is to hide on the cliff like the right side of the screen.

Well, the maze of the island was fun to play with my friends. However, there are only disadvantages when it comes to actually living. Insect catching, fishing, and moving to each facility are troublesome. It's uncool, but I use a ladder when I move. I was trying to install shrubs and furniture on all the cliffs for the purpose of preventing my friends from slipping, but I would like to thank the inhabitants who had not set it up so severely in the past.

▲ It's hard to meet characters for purchasing items such as Uri and Laurent. In addition, this geography will be a major obstacle in terms of improving intimacy with residents.

The above is the reality when you implement a maze of the island that everyone can think of. It's fun to play with friends online, but the simple work to complete it is difficult and it is hard to live, so I definitely do not recommend it if you want to play Atsumori normally.


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